The Google free and open source JavaScript framework.

What is AngularJS ?

AngularJS is a free and open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. This framework can be used to develop web and mobile applications.

We build single page or one page interfaces that work without reloading the web page.

Angular offers a set of conventions and tools to delineate basics a solution. Developments are optimized, made faster and more secure.

Being an open source language, Angular is regularly powered and enriched by an important community of contributors. These help to improve the framework over time. 


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Benefits of developing with AngularJS

The main interest is to make user experience on web and mobile applications much more enjoyable. Navigation is fluid thanks to the bidirectional synchronization specific to this framework.

Consistent execution speed : round trips between the server and the browser are greatly reduced. All calculations are done on the client part. Therefore, when the end user uses the app he has a sense of real efficiency in running queries and over time. The answers arrive very quickly. Knowing that today a user estimates that a second is the allowable waiting time for an action to run on their site.

  • Responsive : Applications developed with Angular are responsive and fit all screens: desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Skills from Google : developers who maintain the Angular source code are trained by Google, which ensures a certain level of quality, performance and security.
  • Premium Interfaces : it's a great choice for creating solutions to complex graphical user interfaces. It is also chosen to create excellent graphics animations.
  • Guidelines and declarative building : they significantly improve teamwork and developments performed in parallel on large projects. Thanks to the approach of reusable components  and re-testables, developers are gaining considerable time.
  • Ease of ownership of projects : the code structure is easy to read and makes it easy to read find in the project.
  • Strong maintainability : the framework facilitates the maintenance of web or mobile applications. It is easier with this technology to project itself in evolutions and in time.

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