PHP Laravel Framework for your offshore developments.

Laravel, open source MVC PHP framework

When you work with a framework you optimize your productivity. The frameworks collect various functions found on almost all PHP applications: rights management, authentication, error management etc.

The framework Laravel is well documented which allows it to stand out compared to other frameworks. Laravel developers can find information much more easily and quickly. It is powered by a large community of developers, that guarantees sustainability. Laravel's main strength lies in its simplicity. The code that one writes with this framework is simple, synthetic and pleasant to read.   

Laravel takes over the Symfony routing system and uses the SwiftMailer library to send emails, it adds its own components to all this.

What can we do with Laravel ?

  • Email sending management system
  • Routing management system
  • Authentification system
  • A builder form
  • A template engine
  • An SQL and ORM request creator
  • Multi-lingual content

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Main advantages of developing custom project with Laravel

Laravel imposes constraints between multiple objects in a database using an optimized query creation mechanism. It also simplifies the management of data migrations with a control system version.

This framework provides an automatic loading facility and does not require manual maintenance or path resolvers. It also allows you to generate new tools with an IoC container.

Laravel makes it possible to respond to the desire of creating quality web applications by considering the smallest of details and in the shortest possible time. Laravel takes what is best at Symfony by enhancing it further, which makes it a very effective framework.

Implementing authentication on a computer solution has never been easier. With Laravel, the authentication system is integrated and ready to use. All you need to do is configure the controllers, migrations, templates, and database views, and the authentication is ready to work.

Just like the PHP Symfony famework, Laravel is very powerful and complete. Compared to Symfony, it is much more flexible and more permissive. Depending on the needs of your project, our offshore company in Madagascar or Vietnam, specializing in software development and software design, can assist you to create your IT project. Not to mention, realize solutions with advanced, robust and scalable features, we advise you to choose a team of Laravel or Symfony developers.

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