4 Week Program

Build up your dedicated team of developers in four weeks. People, Tech Stack, Agile method and tools : in 4 weeks we setup and launch the right team for your project !

Go faster

Speed up the development
of your IT projects

Time to market

Reduce your product time to market with a team of dedicated developers. Stop wasting time recruiting and focus on the strengths on your core business. Never miss another chance to win market share with your applications.

Talent pool

Gain access to a very complete talent pool of developers, project managers and Tech Guru. With five different levels of expertise, we are able to propose a team to you that will match your technical and budget needs.

Agile Methodology

Communication and continuous improvement are the foundation of the Agile Methodology. Gain in productivity by adopting the best iterative methodologies. Increment your product features by reducing the time between deliveries.

We’ve made it simple

How it works?

With a database of +1000 candidates and a pool of 150 in-house, front-end engineers, back-end developers and project managers, we bring the easiest and most competitive solution for beginning your IT project in 4 weeks.


Present us your project, describe us your vision, the main milestones and your provisional planning.

Send us any documentation, specifications or demo links that can help us understand your needs.

A meeting will be organized with our sales team and technical and production department.


Our team of consultants will work with you to define the best team for your needs.

Together, we define the right team size and the precise tech stack you’ll need for your project.

We’ll also use this phase to define the roles of everyone involved into the project.


We then present you our developers that match your requirements for composing your team.

Individual interviews of developers will be organized with you and your technical team.


Your team is ready: we can now start the development of your IT project.

Our technical and production department will follow the roll-out and progress closely with your team.

Even if you communicate with your team every day, we still send out weekly reports.

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