Everything you need from front to back

From startup to large account we provide a global offer to match you tech needs.

More than 150 developers

Flexibility and agility in building your dedicated team

Web & Software publisher

We support your development by offering offshore dedicated team of developers. Our reactivity in providing good tech ressources enable us to optimize and structure your production.

Digital Agencies

We offer solutions for agencies to help them to handle multi-projects. Focus on your business core and let us take care of the IT production. As subcontractor we propose one of the best cost alternative on the market.

SMEs and large account

We enter a long run partnerships with SMEs and large accounts. We help your Information Systems Division to access technologies resources in order to launch new projects or to maintain your applications.

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A trusted partner

We bring solutions.

We are a trusted partner for our customer to support their technological growth strategy. We have been together with them to drive a successful business milestones from the foundation. Discover the main benefits of working with us.


We help you respond and adapt to the changes quickly with Agile methodology.

Agile methodology is focused on flexibility, technical excellence and communication for a high delivery capacity between all the team members'.

We implement Agile methodology and the right tools in your dedicated team to fit perfectly your needs.


We offer you the right production capacity to fit your time to market strategy.

A pool of + 150 in house developers, tech guru and product owner and a database of 1000 candidates

We continuously hunt and train the best IT talents.


Concerned about the ROI of your projects we offer the best cost alternative on the market.

The geographical location of our services centers allows us to have the most competitive pricing.


We work with people who are passionate by their job and technologies.

Our dedicated teams are sensitive to your product's vision and business economic model.

We hire our IT talent obviously on their technical skills, but also for their soft skills. Passionate, committed and motivated are the requirements to integrate our teams.

A sharing vision

We invest for your developer’s team

We invest a lot in collaborator training and experience sharing.

We do a strong follow-up of our employees to ensure of their well-being.

We pay a special attention to provide a comfortable workplace for our teams.

Throughout the year, we organized tech events (Hackathon, MeetUp, Cocktails, etc.)

We offer a HR package with plenty of advantages.

Many salary supplements are available for our collaborators.

We offer to our engineers the opportunity to work in one of our foreign international subsidiaries.

Sensemaking of the work for our employees is a part of our mindset.

We make it great.

Outsourcing has never been so simple.

Merging on your tools and stack

Implementation of the good tools associate with the right technological stack. We merge to your working environment and implement our communication tools to facilitate remote working. Ticketing, reporting, versioning, CI & CD, etc. we work with the most famous tools.

Direct contact with your team

Daily, our developers are in direct contact with the client's team. We ensure the most efficient communication between us and make sure that we all evolve in a transparent work environment. Our goal is make you feel that we are seated next to you.

Continuous training

We make sure that our team of developers are up to date and trained on the latest version of their technologies.


We work using Agile Scrum methodology and ensure that the delivery capacity remain high through the sprints.


We are sensitive to your projects deadline and understand the importance to protect your business goals.

Experience sharing

We love to share with you the best tech practices and learn from your experience. Keep an eye with us on the latest tech tendencies.

Bocasay is a complete IT service center for building up your powerful Web and Mobile feature-rich apps, in a people caring environment.

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