Increase your margins

We not only develop your IT project, but also enhance your competitiveness.

Boost your competitiveness

Whether you’re a startup or a large institution, we help you optimize your IT expenses

Reduce your recruitment costs and workforce expenses.

With our offshore service centers boasting very competitive rates, we can help you drastically reduce recruiting costs and your global payroll. Invest in your product by letting us take care of the development of your IT projects.

Save up to 40% by outsourcing your IT development to our service center.

Download our price catalog to see how competitive we are. Our clients gain nearly 40% on their IT expenses by integrating an offshore team of dedicated developers.

Increase your project margin.

We help you control your costs by offering an incredible flexibility. Many agencies have chosen us to support them qualitatively without degrading the margins on their projects.

Lower your cost

Positive impacts on your budget

Reduce your recruitment cost and stop to pay expensive fees.
Optimize the costs link to your workforce. Save costs on personnel expenses : salary, bonus, administrative cost. test content for 3 line content
Reduce the cost of your local infrastructure : office, network, IT equipment, suppliers management, etc.
Accelerate your time to market with Agile methodology applied to yours projects. . test content for 3 line content. test content for 3 line content
Reduce your opportunity cost by launching the development of your project in less than 4 weeks.
Focus your investments on your core business by relying on a serious and recognized technical partner.
Don't be afraid anymore and stay away from human ressources turnover and ensure technical continuity.
Simply, we aim to make your life easier.

Bocasay is a complete IT service center for building up your powerful Web and Mobile feature-rich apps, in a people-centric environment.

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