Corporate social responsibility

From the start, we chose to fairly and equally invest in the well-being of all our employees.

Human and Social Policy

Within the Bocasay Group , we implement many initiatives concerning sustainable development in the various territories where we are located.

We are committed to promoting and respecting the protection of international Human Rights Law in our business practices. We are working towards changing mindsets and we offer our employees working conditions that are often more attractive than the ones stipulated by their local laws.

In addition to offering good compensation, we have put in place a full salary package  that provides our employees with many benefits. This may seem normal in France, but it remains a very innovative initiative in the countries where we are located.

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Well-being at work

Bocasay made sure it chose premises located in the city center, well served by public transportation, thus facilitating our employees’ commute. Each workstation is equipped with an ergonomic chair and all the materials needed to work in good conditions.

We place great importance on listening to our employees. Our different internal organizations (staff associations & staff representatives) allow us to receive real feedback and to effectively act in everybody’s best interest.

In order to reinforce the unity and bonding between team members, we regularly organize non-work related events (seminars, company evening gatherings, breakfasts, sports activities, team building, etc.).

Monitoring and Skills Development

Every Bocasay employee enjoys personalized follow-up  through interviews conducted over the course of the year, as well as coaching and fixed objectives, as part of his/her career development within the Company. We offer training sessions tailored to everyone's ambitions.

We make sure that our employees are empowered, regardless of their nationality. People who are highly committed can be appointed in positions of responsibility within the Bocasay Group.

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