Building and maintaining robust Softwares.

Development of custom software is an integral part of our core business.

Reduce your costs of developing and maintaining your softwares.

Costs of maintaining and developing softwares is a big challenge for most of our clients. We offer competitive rates with our offshore service centers.

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Deliver your applications and updates to your end users faster.

Helping you gain market share faster is also one of our top priorities. We work according to your business priorities and are able to set up operational teams very quickly.

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Stay in touch with the latest technologies.

Our team of 150 in house developers and engineers allow us to work with a variety of technologies. We love to help software publisher to implement new tech stack into their projects.

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We make it great.

Outsourcing has never been so simple.

Merging on your tools and stack

Implementation of the good tools associate with the right technological stack. We merge to your working environment and implement our communication tools to facilitate remote working. Ticketing, reporting, versioning, CI & CD, etc. we work with the most famous tools.

Direct contact with your team

Daily, our developers are in direct contact with the client's team. We ensure the most efficient communication between us and make sure that we all evolve in a transparent work environment. Our goal is make you feel that we are seated next to you.

Continuous training

We make sure that our team of developers are up to date and trained on the latest version of their technologies.


We work using Agile Scrum methodology and ensure that the delivery capacity remain high through the sprints.


We are sensitive to your projects deadline and understand the importance to protect your business goals.

Experience sharing

We love to share with you the best tech practices and learn from your experience. Keep an eye with us on the latest tech tendencies.

Why Bocasay is different?

Productivity. Engagement. Competitive. Ramp-up.

We spend time on what matters.

We share the same business values and concern about your project profitability. We always work in accordance with your business challenges.

We may have already deal with your problem in other project.

With hundreds of projects and app developed for different industries, we bring you an unconditional solution for your projects.

We are tech lovers, digital is our DNA.

We have been passionating for technological innovation and having it in our DNA. Our Experts, Tech Guru and engineers are continuously watching the IT tech ecosystem.

Bocasay is a complete IT service center for building up your powerful Web and Mobile feature-rich apps, in a people caring environment.

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