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We build scalable
web applications

The versatility and technical expertise of our developer teams allow us to work on a wide range of web projects. Our IT services centers in Madagascar and in Vietnam have been rewarded several times and are recognized as main players in its field.

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We develop awesome Mobile applications

Our mobile developers always place the user experience in a heart of their development. The number of our released applications in the market are the best guarantee of our knowledge. Find out how we can support you on your mobile application projects.

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We create and maintain robust Softwares

Development of custom software has been an integral part of our core business since the beginning of Bocasay. Developing long-life software is one of our major priority. Several renowned publishers in their field entrust us with the production of their software.

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Quality insurance.

Offer the best to your IT projects.

Continuous Integration (CI).

A set of pratices to verify that any new source code update of an application under development does not generate errors: regressions or anomalies.

Continuous Deployment (CD).

Continuous deployment is an extension of continuous integration, aiming at minimizing the time elapsed between development writing and being used by end live users in the production.

Unit tests and test automation.

Unit testing is a testing approach in which the smallest testable parts of an application called units are individually and independently tested to see if they are operating properly.

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