Boost your productivity

Discover how we help you to improve your business performances.

150 people to serve your projects

We offer you a complete digital support to increase your productivity

Structure your production with development best practices

We help our clients to optimize and structure their production. Take advantage of our experience through the development of hundreds of IT projects. We provide the best practices in our services centers.

Improve the quality of your web, mobile and software application

Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Unit testing, Agile methodology, etc. For your projects we provide the relevant environment to raise and ensure the best quality.

Increase your production capacity

Our strong ram-up capacity offer you flexibility in terms of human ressources. Become more agile with your production planning and do not refuse any more project. Win new market shares.

We are efficiency lover

Positive impacts on your business

Improve the quality of your projects with an up-to-date technical team on the latest tech and framworks.

Reduce the costs of your IT department and gain in profitability.

Quickly demultiply your production capacity with our ramup capacity.

Access new skills and gain in agility on your tech stack. Experience new technology with our Tech Gurus.

Access a portfolio of proven tools and methods across hundreds of projects.

Increase your market reactivity by launching your applications faster.

Benefit from detailed reporting on the progress of your projects development.

Focus your strengths on your core business, we take care of the rest.

Bocasay is a complete IT service center for building up your powerful Web and Mobile feature-rich apps, in a people caring environment.

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