Third-party application maintenance

Ensuring your maintenance and enhancement to maximize your business growth.

Keep your apps at its best level

Implement a third-party maintenance strategy to ensurepreventive and corrective measures for the scalability of your application.


Application maintenance services

Third-party Application Maintenance, refers to the delegation to an external provider of services related to the life cycle of an application (bug correction, knowledge maintenance, adding upgrades etc.).

implement new feature

We take care of your software, web/mobile application and keep it updated with the lasted trends and user needs.

To response to the evolution of consumer usage, we suggest and implement new features to make your app greater.

Our dedicated teams will focus on the reponsiveness to meet your requests.

Perform code refactoring

Code refactoring is fundamental to maintain the performance of your applications.

To permit your project to be always competitive and to stay the high code quality standard, we put in place a code refactoring plan.

We make a re-writing of code for your application to facilitate its legibility and to reduce its complexity.

Fix bugs or regression

We react quickly by setting up a system of bugs and regression tracking on your solution.

We support you on an execution test phase to extract the bugs and regressions on your platform.

Some bugs are your consumer's criticals, we help and support you to fix it quickly based on a criticality scale of bugs.

A touchable business values

Numerous Benefits for your Company

Reduce your applications maintenance cost.

We offer you a very competitive prices and help to control the costs of your projects effeciently. Applying a productive communication tools to open a follow-up in real time and to track the status of your requests avoid you waste time and manpowers.

Guaranteed service quality, focus on your core application.

A confidence of our talented dedicated developers can help us to guarantee you a promised quality. They acknowledge the project as being possessed of it during the development that allow them to independently work and contribute for your app.

Support your business growth and absorb workload spikes.

Working with us allow you to discover more technologies and to perform them with our Tech Guru. We provide a complete working environment using the latest technologies and a choice of the best collaborative tools.

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