Third-party application maintenance

Ensuring your maintenance and enhancement to maximize your business growth.

Keep your apps at their best

Implement a third-party maintenance strategy to ensurepreventive and corrective measures for the roll-out and ramp-up phases of your application.

scalability of your application
quality IT projects
time to market

Application maintenance services

Third-Party Application Maintenance refers to the delegation of services related to the life cycle of an application (such as bug correction, knowledge maintenance, adding upgrades etc.,) to an external provider.

implement new feature

implementing new features

We take care of your software, web/mobile applications and keep them updated with the latest trends and user needs.

To respond to the evolution of consumer trends and usage, we suggest a continuous implementation of new features to enhance your app.

Our dedicated teams are trained and designed to be extremely responsive to your requests.

code refectoring

Perform code refactoring

Code refactoring is a fundamental for maintaining the performance of your applications.

To ensure your project is always competitive and adhering to a high quality standard of code, we’re able to initiate a code refactoring plan.

Our approach involves re-writing the code for your application in order to enhance its legibility, reduce its complexity and improve its performance.

fix bugs

Fix bugs or regression

We react quickly by setting up systems that track bugs and any regressions in your IT solution.

We support you during the execution test phase to extract any bugs and regression that these systems locate.

Some bugs may involve your consumers’ critical data: We help you to fix these quickly based on a ‘criticality scale’ of bugs, ensuring the most important are dealt with fast.

Tangible value for your business

Numerous Benefits for your Company

reduce cost

Reduce your application’s maintenance cost.

We offer very competitive pricing and help to control the costs of your projects efficiently. Applying a productive communication tool for following-up in real time and tracking the status of your requests avoid wasting time and labor.

guaranteed service

Guaranteed service quality, focused on your core application.

The confidence we have in our talented developer teams lets us guarantee you a consistent quality in our service. Our teams treat all projects with the same level of care and attention from the get-go, knowing how important it is to get initial development right in order to allow seamless maintenance in the future. They internalize your project as if it was their own.

business growth

We support your business’ growth and absorb workload spikes.

Working with us allows you to discover new technologies and to evaluate them with our Tech Guru. We provide a complete working environment using the latest technologies and an evolving choice of the best collaborative tools.

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