How to choose the right offshore IT partner

Ensure the success of your IT project by choosing the best offshore IT partner.

Criteria to analyze when you compare offshore IT companies

Very basic questions

Before to choose your offshore IT partner, ask these questions:

  • What kind of project do you want to work on with your IT partner?
  • What kind of organization do you wish to implement?
  • What kind of outsourcing model do you need (level of commitment)?

The suitable team, language and methodology

Analyze these three followings domains to choose the better IT outsourcing solution.

Team: what are the capacities of the IT company to create the desired team size and meet my current and future needs?

Language: which languages the developers of the IT provider are able to speak (french, english, etc.)?

Methodology: the company can apply the working method that you want and bring you specifics methods and processes?

Size of the company

The company size of the partner must be in line with the goals you have define for yourself. The size of the IT provider has to be consistent with the size of your company. It would be unrealistic to think that a provider of 20 people can effectively build a team of 10 people. In contrast, you cannot be considered enough if you ask a team of 5 people to a company with 5,0000 employees, which build generally team of 50 to 100 people.

Company’s attitude

Analyze how the company answer your needs, your questions. The best IT company has to bring clear answers and to propose working methods. The provider should be also able to work with your method and tools.

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The expertise and mindset of the collaborators

When you will meet the developers team proposed by your IT partner, you have to analyze those criteria:

Honesty and analytical mind

Honesty: attitude of people you will meet will give you a glimpse of the company’s culture. You have to be able to project yourself into the future during this first contact. Ask questions to your future team to analyze the quality, clarity and structure of their answers.

Analytical mind: assess the analytical mind of the team, see their capacity to address complex problems or situations. It will be very helpful for your future collaboration.

Others criteria to look after:

  • Resumes,
  • Technical skills,
  • Interpersonal qualities,
  • Soft skills.

Business references of the partner  

Pay particular attention to the business references of your future provider. Contact some of its customers and collect information and testimony about their experience.

Ask them the following questions:

  • What is the size of the client company?
  • What is the project size that they gave to the offshore IT company?
  • What is the team size they have?
  • Is the project finished or on going?
  • Is it a success?
  • What are the strenght and weaknesses of the IT provider?

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By Tanjona, on April 04, 2021

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