Offshore IT outsourcing: a platform for business growth

Unlike many other IT subcontractors, we love to build win-win synergies with our customers to become their strategic IT partner.

Growth accelerator

Offshore computing is positioned today as a growth accelerator for companies. Digitization is an integral part of growth opportunities. In a competitive environment, constantly challenged by model changes, companies need to adjust and refine their growth strategies.

Integrating digitalization into one or more parts of your business is one of the ways you can stay attractive and competitive on your market.

Starting an IT project leaves very little space for improvisation. Many decision makers nowadays work with offshore IT companies in order to develop their IT projects. It's now possible to obtain an equivalent quality on a par with western service providers while greatly reducing costs.

I don’t have the technological skill and I'm running out of time.

Faced with a shortage of developers, it's very difficult nowadays to succeed in recruiting a good developer at reasonable costs.

Software developers are the most sought-after profiles on the job market and recruiting the right person requires an investment of time and means, and this situation is even more demanding when this type of profile is unfamiliar to the organization. 

Using an offshore company involves delegating to an IT specialist all the steps to achieve your desired IT product, at a lower cost.

The IT sub-contractor implements their expertise in the following ways:

  • Project pitch: analyzes the need of the company and helps to clarify its requirements.

Selection and recruitment of technical profiles : picking the relevant profiles that will be able to achieve the IT solution in the technology(s) chosen. 

  • Composition of the project team : different profiles make up the project team: Developers, Lead Developer and the Product Owner.
  • Submission of the project team to the client: the company is made aware of the proposal and can interview the proposed team members to challenge them and make sure they match what they are looking for.
  • Starting the IT project : If the team agrees, the company can start its IT project with its dedicated team managed remotely.

The specialized company will therefore manage recruitment, management and training of the team of engineers working on the company's IT project. 

In this way, a company avoids:

  • • Taking the risk of choosing the wrong technology or candidate.
  • Going wrong when trying to implement the methodology for setting up the project.
  • Any risk related to the structuring of an IT project, since the provider provides the key methods in hand.

In addition, the IT service provider will provide all the tools and methods necessary for the collaboration between the client company and its offshore team to take place in optimum conditions. This free time allows your internal teams to focus on other strategic goals.

Looking to strive your next IT project? Let's meet up to find how we work.

I want to improve my profitability by increasing my margins.

After taking into consideration the cost of recruitment, salaries, turnover management, etc., it becomes very interesting to consider balancing expenses with an offshore team.Without replacing your current team, an offshore team can be positioned as a backup to help meet commitments and grow when the opportunity presents itself. Take, for example, a software publisher that already has a technical team in place. This technical team may need support in software maintenance, implementation of technical evolutions or to absorb peak workload.

It's in these kinds of contexts, that that an offshore team can make a lot of sense and provide a cost-effective solution.

Just consider the comparative TJM (average daily rate) for a developer in two countries:

In Madagascar

• Between 100 and 150 euros per day.

In France

• Between 350 and 750 euros per day.

Trust is very important in this type of relationship. The ideal is to deal with a service company that has its headquarters in Europe and which will therefore offer services under European law contracts. Many developing countries bring technical know-how at a level of quality that equals that of European companies. That's why they are so attractive and draw a growing number of new customers every year.

A company enlisting the services of an offshore IT service provider can find itself in a much more serene situation work-wise, and can therefore be more inclined to open up to new perspectives, to create value and to trigger new business growth.

It is clear that offshore IT attracts companies that want to increase their agility. Benefiting from the methods and tools made available by an IT sub-contractor to allows the customer to improve their own internal processes.

For companies wishing to embark on an IT project, offshore outsourcing today embodies the path of all possibilities.

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