Client case study – Autodistribution

Discover how we helped Autodistribution, a leading distributor of automotive spare parts in France, with its Information Systems Division.

A web application developed using Symfony 3 that makes it possible to easily and efficiently organize and manage telemarketing activities.

Project environment.

Autodistribution, a leader in the distribution of spare parts for cars and trucks in France, organizes national telemarketing campaigns during which hundreds of telemarketer agents sell products over the phone.

To make the campaign's monitoring more effective, and in order to follow the required objectives, Autodistribution had to build some very specific tools.

Agile from the beginning.

In order to match the exact need of their Sales department, we worked directly with them using the Agile Methodology to design the application. Initially, the platform was designed to organize telemarketing activities such as vendor registration, breakdown of supplier groups, product registration and goals to achieve.

In a second iteration, we built an interface to help sales managers record the live sales of their team. Managers are now able to follow telemarketing activities in real-time. The application also includes a live chat that allows various key people to interact in order to facilitate a sale's progress. It also helps to motivate team members. The manager can download a full report of a team’s performance in order to analyze sales efficiency.

An optimal platform, for both vendors and suppliers, developed using PHP Symfony technology.

The platform’s ergonomic design, fluidity and efficiency have allowed Autodistribution to integrate it quickly into their sales process. Tested and approved during the first telemarketing activity, the platform will from now on evolve to provide additional features and further optimize tracking and telemarketing promotion.

"Congratulations to the whole team who had worked on the National Telemarketing Tool! We're excited to see the second version with new functionalities for our next national telemarketing. Thanks to the high quality of the development we had a good user rate and simultaneous number of connected users."

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