Client case study – Foch Hospital

Discover how we have digitalized the maternity ward at Foch hospital.

A project combining an iOS mobile application and a web application developed with the Symfony framework.

Project environment.

To improve the follow-up activity of Foch Hospital’s patients who are in the anesthesia department of the maternity ward, we were asked to design a digital tool, as well as a tool that allows retrospective data analysis.

At the time, all childbirths were recorded in a paper notebook, making it near impossible for them to easily access a past year's data.

A complex environment.

We had to first understand how doctors follow-up with their patients and what tools they were using. We had to work closely with the information systems division in order to answer several questions before we started the technical design of the application. Where will the database be stored? What is the network coverage in the hospital like?

Doctors are often working under emergency conditions, so we had to build a portable tool.

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We imagined and developed a strong set of tools for making doctors' lives easier.

We built a native iOS mobile app that works with a Symfony web application.

The dynamic mobile interface enables the creation, consultation and modification of a patient’s data, and allows real-time, online recording of anesthesia activity taking place in the maternity ward (for example epidural analgesia, or during a caesarean section).

We set up an asynchronous transmission system to avoid connection losses to the database. We also added an offline mode to the mobile app: When the device reconnects to a Wi-Fi or 4G access point, it returns the data saved on the iPhone to the hospital database.

The web application, on the other hand, provides statistics and reporting tools. It includes many advanced features to improve maternity service quality and to measure the satisfaction levels of patients who recently gave birth.

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