Build your full-stack team of developers in 4 weeks

Having a business idea is good but being the first one to develop, it will be even better! The time to have your app released on the market is the key factor of a successful business.

We are aware of your constraints and we make you get rid of the breaks

Our strike force is expressed in the following manner. After having taken note of your IT project, we select the most qualitative profiles for you, so as to form your future development team..

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Why your IT infrastructure cost will increase in 2019 ?

According to a report by SpiceWork, revolving around new technologies, 89% of companies have forecast that their IT budget will increase or remain the same in the coming year.

Half of the companies surveyed indicate that the budget devoted to their IT system will remain stable in 2019. On one hand, they foresee an average increase of 20% of the budget. 38%, on the other hand, say that their IT budget is on the rise.

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Offshore IT to strengthen my team

The digitalization of the markets is in full swing. A company wishes to increase its profitability and gain market share, they has to digitize all or a part of its business activities. The launch of a digital project requires organization, agility, recruitment of the right skills and especially know how to manage IT projects.

Offshore IT provides a comprehensive and elaborate response to the need of digital transformation for businesses. Offshore IT can cope with business overload. Companies rely on outsourced development in a number of scenarios: to absorb a peak of business activity, to focus on more strategic projects or to bring new technological skills within the company.

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