4 technological trends that will have an impact on companies in 2018

The Vodafone Trends Barometer 2018 was released and revealed that technology is rapidly changing the business environment and the customer needs. When it comes to businesses, considering these changes are no longer an option.

Discover the 4 current trends below, that will significantly change the business scenario, as of this year but also the coming years.

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Why is python on the way of becoming the most popular language?

Is Python the fastest growing programming language in the world? If you look at the trends and recent polls, you already have your answer. According to StackOverflow, a popular programmer community online, in the United States, "Python has the reputation of being the fastest growing programming language." Moreover, Python has been recognized as the best object programming language in 2018 by Linux Journals.

In 2017, Python took the first place in the Java language, which has been dominant for a very long time. Therefore, we have to assume that there has been a drastic change somewhere, given that Python is attracting a lot of attention now.

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The 5 steps of DevOps evolution in a company

An annual report on the state of DevOps explains how companies adapt and develop DevOps practices in their IT systems.

Combining development teams with operating teams under a DevOps model, will speed up feature deliveries and also help improve iterative cycles, but it isn’t easy. In order to establish DevOps processes within a company to be successful, it is very often required to remove cultural and operational barriers. The report was issued by the company Puppet, specializing in the implementation of DevOps model in companies. This report presents the axes to help companies, set up DevOps practices in their development processes.

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What are progressive web apps (PWAs) ?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are entering the market as a new delivery format in a mobile-driven world. They hold benefits for businesses, publishers and users alike. In order to fully understand the context in which PWAs are integrated, let's take note of some facts and mobile usage.

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Angular 6: what’s new ?

The new version of the Angular JavaScript framework has been released: Angular 6. Its coding has been improved and this new version was initially developed to minimize the size of web applications. In a second step, version 6 also tends to improve the development productivity of Progressive Web Apps.

The popular Angular framework provides developers a range of rules and tools to define the basics of a solution. Angular works under the principle of components that are reusable and re-testable. These components are HTML encoded and connect to TypeScript code.


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