Our development languages ​​by country: Vietnam, Madagascar, Mauritius

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Discover the technologies (languages, frameworks, CMS) that our various development centers located in Vietnam, Madagascar and Mauritius can use to carry out your web and mobile projects.

Our core business is the development of IT applications for businesses. We offer the following development services:

  • Web applications,
  • Mobile applications,
  • Software.

Our areas of expertise include many front-end, back-end, and full-stack technologies that can be deployed to address the needs of our customers.

Our developers are located around the world, and develop our customers’ IT projects from our 3 development centers located in Madagascar, Vietnam and Mauritius.

Not all technologies work well together. Depending on your objectives, we’ll be able to offer you the most suitable technological stack for realizing your project. Indeed, the choice of what technologies will constitute the technology stack of your project is made according to the intended uses of your application.

How your future digital tool will be used is what will define the development languages ​​and technologies that will be employed by the team when building it.

For reference purposes, here is a table of the 6 most-used languages ​​in the world today.

  Language Number of active global users
1 JavaScript 12.2 million
2 Python 8.4 million
3 Java 8.2 million
4 C/C++ 6.3 million
5 C# 5.8 million
6 PHP 5.7 million

Source : blogdumoderateur.com

These statistics provide an idea of the most popular languages for developers today.

In order to best meet the needs of our customers, we have expanded the range of skills we offer. Discover the available skills offered by the teams in our different development centers.

Our development languages by country

IT outsourcing is a solution that businesses are increasingly turning to. Delegating your development needs abroad allows you to benefit from very competitive costs compared to those found in Western markets.

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React Native
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Bocasay and Symfony: a story that endures

PHP Symfony is one of our flagship frameworks used on many of our customers‘ projects. This framework is considered one of the most powerful and flexible.

Symfony an open source full-stack MVC PHP framework designed for businesses. It represents a benchmark for the development of secure and scalable web applications.

Halfway between CMS and raw programming, the Symfony framework provides turnkey functionalities, and was designed to simplify development by automating laborious and repetitive tasks for the developer.

Symfony was designed to meet the following challenges:

  • Create professional websites,
  • Manage complex issues,
  • Respond to demanding environments.

Since its creation, it seemed destined that Symfony would become the dominant PHP framework for companies. And that’s exactly what it has become – it is used by Spotify, Dailymotion, BlaBlaCar and Auchan E-commerce, among others.

Symfony draws its power from many elements:

  • A large developer community uses the framework and helps it evolve,
  • Regularly updated and high-quality documentation,
  • A source code fed by dedicated developers,
  • A code that takes programming standards into consideration.

Ask us more about our teams and individuals that are available for your larger application and software projects..

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