3 Steps to Optimize Your IT Outsourcing Experience

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Why you should outsource your IT to dedicated experts and focus on core company functions

What is IT Outsourcing ?

IT outsourcing is a widely used business practice which involves subcontracting IT services from outside of your own organization or company structure.

External IT service providers can either take over all of the IT functions for companies of all sizes, or they can support a company’s internal IT team to deliver a project with specific know-how.

The IT services most commonly outsourced include web and mobile development, application management and software development, cloud storage, technical support and maintenance. 

While there are different types of outsourcing – offshoring, near shoring and on-shoring – they all have one thing in common: hiring an external party to handle required in-house activities.

This is a common practice because it enables businesses of different sizes to grow on their own terms and capacities, while at the same time avoiding major risks and investment.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT services offers the following business advantages:

  • Continuous Workflow: Take advantage of time-zone differences between your company and outsourced partners to achieve around-the-clock business operation.
  • Resource Optimization: A focus on core company functions means that internal company resources can be utilized where they are most effective.

Essential Tips for IT Outsourcing

Let’s have a look at 3 simple tips for making the most out of IT outsourcing and avoiding common mishaps.

Hire the Right People for the Job

Outsourcing is all about people. Regardless of experience or education level, most people can be trained for a particular task. What is most important when outsourcing IT functions, is whether your outsourced partners, and the people they employ, can share the same business culture as you – by fully subscribing to your own vision and business requirements. You should evaluate work ethics monthly and try to look out for behavioral patterns that could be detrimental to your organization’s culture and productivity.   

Have Realistic Expectations

Always expect a learning curve with every new arrangement between different business partners. Take time to get to know each other, evaluate competency in required tasks and establish efficient communication procedures for your business needs. This is why shared business goals should be set early on when establishing cooperation with an external IT service provider. Make sure these goals are realistic as they provide a target focus both for in-house and out-house employees. Try to reward exceeding expectations and met targets as this can significantly boost staff morale and business output.  

Stay in Tune

Be an involved client who remains in tune with every aspect of your relationship with outsourced IT partners. While developing distrust towards the outsourcing partner can be ultimately destructive for company goals, you shouldn’t have to micromanage outsourced tasks. You should request frequent updates and information on all the latest developments regarding outsourced IT projects. In addition, conducting random audits and performance reviews will help you assess the efficiency and success of your outsourced partnership more accurately.

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