5 successful secrets to develop your mobile app

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How can you make your mobile application a success? Here are some steps to follow:

• 1 – Focus on user experience,

• 2 – Keep it simple! The application needs to be simple,

• 3 – For each method, work with the Agile method,

• 4 – Test it out, test it out and re-test your application constantly,

• 5 – Possess great customer support.

1. Focus on the client experience

Regardless of the application type: to consult one’s bank accounts, to play one’s favorite game or to place an order online, the only thing that mobile users want is something different.

The approach that the company must have, in terms of the development of the mobile application (iOS application, Android application or cross platform) is to keep in mind that the user experience means everything. The value of the mobile app is more strongly related to the quality of the user experience than the number of features available to the app.

A significant effort must be injected into the UX design of the mobile application. Focus on the comfort of using the user interface of your solution, but also the emotional impact which is felt during its use. These two elements are inseparable and therefore guarantee the success of your mobile application.

One of the key elements for the success of a good UX, is the close collaboration between the designer, the developer and the quality team. An excellent team of analysts is also important, to help developers and the customers, understand and improve the user experience.

2. Keep it simple: remain simple!

The product or nothing else! This is the way to approach the mobile application development project. Here is the vision you’re required to have, don’t test the product: one must go beyond that, one must constantly keep testing the limits of the product. This will make the product better than the others, and its quality will always improve. To develop an application which shall be a success, you must constantly push the limits of the mobile application.

Push the limits of the product and but mostly conceive an application, immersing it in the real world, where it should work. We must also think of committing all the users, including those who could be distracted or clumsy, while using the application. Keep in mind that mobile apps are not websites. They don’t need to have as many features as a web application. Design and development teams need to focus on 2 or 3 cases of use, around which one needs to design each application.

3. For each new method, use the AGILE method

At Bocasay, we have implemented more than 130 web and mobile application projects. Bocasay responds to Customer Expectations with the Agile Software Development Methods such as the Scrum Method and Best Practices in terms of Continuous Integration.

Bocasay’s aim is to deliver new versions of the product, to the customer as often as possible. Thus, customer comments are integrated throughout the development of the web or mobile software application. The offshore software company web uses working tools such as Trello, GitHub or Slack, to closely work with its customers.

4. Test, Test and re-test your application after each new version:

It’s no longer a secret, but the best way to introduce and keep an excellent mobile application on the market, is to become part of a rigorous quest and refine the quality of products, even after they’ve been put online. We should never stop improving, we must hold on tight over time and focus on the sustainability. It is necessary to test, test and re-test the application with the target users, through real conditions and retrieve feedback, analyze them, do A/B testing and improve the application, constantly.

5. Use great customer support

The customer means everything, therefore it is important to treat the latter well. Great customer support will extend the user experience in a positive manner, beyond the mobile application. In case of questions, complaints or comments, feedback, customer support must be responsive and ready to respond to any type of request. Quality customer support will guarantee the success of your mobile application.

In addition to web development, Bocasay is also an offshore mobile development agency. Contact us and get to know our very competitive costs, of developing a native or multi-platform mobile application.

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Source: techbeacon.co

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