Technological challenges of brand safety, fraud and digital visibility in 2018

2018 will be a decision-maker, in terms of the future for digital advertising. Ten years ago, issues regarding the transparency of online advertising were insignificant whereas today they are essential.

We observe and recognize the existence of artificial traffic, high statistics of unseen advertisements and legislation, which is gradually starting to take shape..

Brand safety represents the fight against fraud, in the world of online advertising. This concept refers to good practices, in order to protect the advertiser's brand:

• In order to avoid for the advertising banner to appear in surroundings which could harm its image, or which aren’t in keeping with the advertising message.

• To fight against invalid traffic which corresponds to false traffic and that aims to swell up the statistics.

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Bocasay has surpassed 100 collaborators!

The Bocasay group has surpassed 100 collaborators between France, Madagascar and Vietnam. Driven by its strong ambitions of being open to the international, the group is present in 3 countries and its desire to be even more present on an international level, doesn’t just cease here.

Bocasay continues to support its clients, ranging from big client accounts to startups, in order to realize agile IT projects. The Scrum method and Continuous Integration are included in the working methods of the Bocasay teams.

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BizDevOps connect your developments with your user’s reality

What are the steps you need to follow, in order to connect your IT developments with the reality of user experiences? To maximize the potential of the DevOps concept, development teams and operation teams are required to collaborate closely not to mention, the organizational boundaries between functional silos and IT silos tend to dissipate.

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4 technological trends that will have an impact on companies in 2018

The Vodafone Trends Barometer 2018 was released and revealed that technology is rapidly changing the business environment and the customer needs. When it comes to businesses, considering these changes are no longer an option.

Discover the 4 current trends below, that will significantly change the business scenario, as of this year but also the coming years.

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Why is python on the way of becoming the most popular language?

Is Python the fastest growing programming language in the world? If you look at the trends and recent polls, you already have your answer. According to StackOverflow, a popular programmer community online, in the United States, "Python has the reputation of being the fastest growing programming language." Moreover, Python has been recognized as the best object programming language in 2018 by Linux Journals.

In 2017, Python took the first place in the Java language, which has been dominant for a very long time. Therefore, we have to assume that there has been a drastic change somewhere, given that Python is attracting a lot of attention now.

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