Chatbots: 4 reasons why I integrated in my strategy

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Chatbots offer several assets for brands and companies.

A complete package which optimizes client relation

A chatbot is a facilitating solution for exchange between the company and its customer, whether it is B to B or B to C. In addition, it is available 24/7: an availability rate 99% unbeatable in terms of customer service. Chatbot will place the client/business conversation in an intimate and personalized relationship. Knowledge of user behaviors and attitudes is strengthened. It also represents a model of inclusion and user accessibility.

Several advantages to develop a chatbot for its web application

Teams can focus on more strategic and less time-consuming tasks

When chatbot takes on repetitive tasks with low added value, previous attributed to employees, this saves them time and this way they can focus on other more strategic tasks, which require more reflection.

Neutral and personalized responses

Thanks to its memory, the chatbot is able to provide personalized answers to requests from users/customers. The latter collects a lot of information about his interlocutor (areas of interests, behaviors, etc.) and adapts the answers accordingly.

It conveys no emotion, therefore allows it to interact neutrally with its users. This can promote communication.

Save money

According to a study by Juniper Research, in 5 years, the deployment of chatbots in companies will have saved more than 9 billion euros and 27 billion working hours.

Glowing future for chatbot

Chatbots will manage to reproduce increasingly good human conversation.

One of its next issues is the voice, in other words the voicebot.

Today chatbots use text mining techniques, tomorrow it will be those of speech mining. Text mining, also known as data extraction, is a method used by Artificial Intelligence which puts together a set of IT processing, aimed at extracting knowledge according to a criterion of exception or similarity in texts, written the man for man.

The arrival and expansion of the voice necessarily implies that chatbot will have to improve in terms of the development of their Artificial and Human Intelligence.

The future of chatbots is strongly related to that of Artificial Intelligence. According to Gartner study, the Artificial Intelligence market will be 7 billion$ in 2019 and will grow to  90 billion$ in 2025, so it will be 12 times bigger in 6 years.

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