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Coming up with an idea is good but best the first one to implement it is even better! The time to implement your application on the market is the heart of the matter.

We are aware of your constraints and we make your get rid of the breaks

  • You’re going through a shortage of IT developers,
  • You’re not able to find the right technical profiles at the right moment.
  • Retaining an in-house developer requires a lot of energy and always needs special attention on your side (good profiles are rare and expensive and keeping them in your business is a big challenge)
  • You also wish to have access to a flexible team, who’ll adapt to your production pace. Development needs aren’t the same when you carry out maintenance only when you redesign one of your software.
  • In order to respond to all these problematics, Bocasay has created a turnkey service in terms of developing applications and software.

Meet your future team of full stack developers

Our strike force is expressed in the following manner. After having taken note of your IT project, we select the most qualitative profiles for you, so as to form your future development team..

Once the ideal team is formed, meet them through a video-conference interview.

Make up your offshore team

Here is an example of an offshore development team composition which we make available in less than 4 weeks, from the first contact with the customer. Our ambition is to put qualitative resources at your disposal, in a very short time with the aim of reducing the time-to-market and help you be the first on the market with your software solution..

  • 1 Senior technical team leader,
  • 3 senior full stack developers,
  • 1 Scrum Master,
  • 1 expert Product Owner.

Confirmed developer : Between 2 and 5 years of experience.

Senior Developer : 6 year experience onward.

We strongly recommend that our clients include a Product Owner in their team. Key in terms of a software project, the latter holds the vision of the client’s product and continuously disseminates it to the development team and makes that the team sticks to it.

We apply the principles of the Scrum agile method. Last but not least, continuous integration is part of your IT project in order to create a solid and scalable software. The unit and integration tests which are implemented, guarantee a high-quality code.

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