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What is front-end development?

Front-end development makes it possible to convert the graphical models (PSD, etc.) of your projects into web language (html / css). We use a set of next-generation tools to provide your users with the best digital experience they can have. This is the process followed to turn a graphical document (website model) into a web page.

A front-end developer (or integrator) guarantees the compliance of web language with the project’s design. He is also able to follow ergonomic recommendations to ensure that all interfaces are fluid and enjoyable when browsing. 

All of our front-end development projects are managed by a unique team that consists of experts on integration technologies. Graphical models must adapt to various navigation support systems while proposing a smooth and compliant navigation process at the wish of the director of artistic and ergonomic affairs. To meet the standards of different web browsers and the requirements of your projects, our team consisting of front-end developers uses a set of next-generation tools and frameworks: Sass, Compass, Gulp, Foudation, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, Bower, Yeoman, etc.

The ergonomics and the design of your website, or application, is vital to the success of your digital project? From the validation of your photoshop models to the turnkey delivery of your design, integrated and implemented using the latest front-end integration technology solutions of, Bocasay supports you throughout the duration of your project.

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