Eulogy of transparent in an agile team

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Transparency is the easiest way to move forward and can be applied to Agile methods. Combined with “Analysis” and “Adaptation”, they make up an almost infallible combination solve any issues, encountered in an agile project..

Generally speaking, being “transparent” means giving full access to all information related to the project. This is undoubtedly one of the essential pillars of the agile approach.

For a team to be self-organized and fluid, aiming for transparency is paramount. This requires courage and discipline for all the actors working on the project. Indeed, being transparent on issues which are experienced individually, isn’t easy for everyone. However, the sooner a problem is highlighted within a team, the sooner one can begin finding solutions. The good news, meanwhile, often remains in the background, yet communicating this type of information in a clear and automatic way can contribute in a major way, to motivate the team..

This courage and discipline comes with experience and maturity. Experience highlights the importance of transparency. The more transparent we are when it comes to technical, organizational or communication difficulties, the more we gain experience. Concerning personal development, transparency provides faster experience on every aspect of a project. Being transparent makes it possible to mend the gaps in terms of communication, for purely technical profiles for example. Indeed, wasting time to find the best way to communicate on a subject may ultimately be counterproductive. By being transparent, such an attitude comes along naturally.

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