The importance of being an agile and anti-fragile company

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The easing of lockdown measures is accelerating across Europe, and companies have been eagerly awaiting news from political leaders on how and when they will be eased further.

Experience from the past few months has taught us at least one thing: in times of uncertainty, the most vulnerable organizations are the ones that are the least agile.

Pretty much all companies will now have a clear understanding that they must be agile and anti-fragile if they wish to continue to grow and generate profits in our constantly changing world.

Organizations that are already digital have a real advantage over those that are not. During the Covid-19 crisis, companies that were able to switch their teams to remote work arrangements overnight, without much impact on daily operations, were able to fare well.

However, that being said, what future is there for companies that have not yet embarked on their digitization process?

The health crisis has confirmed that a business which has no digital presence cannot survive.

For 8 years, we’ve been supporting companies in all kinds of IT projects: web applications, mobile applications, software, showcase sites, etc. Our teams have always worked remotely with our customers: running a web project remotely could even be called a main expertise of ours.

It’s clear that in the IT engineering environment, as everywhere, it’s necessary to know how to surround yourself: to be able to count on the right people at the right time. Many of our clients were more than delighted and reassured to have been able to rely on the continuity of work from our teams during the crisis. Surrounding yourself with good partners is a sine qua non condition for success.

If we only had one piece of advice to give you for the rest of your digital adventure, it would be: BE AGILE.

Be as agile as possible in order to be among those who are able to adapt to the market context, and while you’re at it, also take advantage of the surprises encountered.

Bocasay brings agility to its customers through the implementation of dedicated resources according to the needs of our customer and their environment. Discover our program of setting up a team of developers in less than 4 weeks!

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