How to improve web application development quality

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What quality standards should you implement in your digital project?

One thing is certain: it’s essential to write good quality code from the very beginning.

At Bocasay, we have integrated proven practices into the culture of our development methodologies, in order to guarantee quality code. Check them out below.

No. 1 Test each new feature

Each new feature is tested. We cover 80% of an application’s code with integration and performance tests.

No. 2 Continuous Integration

Thanks to continuous integration, we are building a quality wall that every functionality must pass before being put into production. We also practice Test Driven Development (TDD), where we first write the function test case before coding it.

No. 3 Continuous Deployment

Automation by continuous deployment can significantly reduce the number of errors in an application.

No. 4 Code Review

Our developers’ code is reviewed by our lead developers.

No. 5 Pair Programming

We execute development in pairs in order to code complex functionalities.

No. 5 Code of Practice: best practices

Our developers have access to a common repository of good development practices in all the technologies we offer and work with: conventions, formatting, constructions, API calls, etc.

This repository is a collaborative effort that’s contributed to by all; everyone’s experience is useful for us to continue learning and improving.

Focus on Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration brings together a set of practices used in IT development that consists of verifying the source code each time it is modified.

This verification is carried out systematically to ensure that each new modification does not generate regressions in the developed application.

Combining the development of your application with continuous integration will allow you to:

  • Quickly detect and correct bugs,
  • Improve the application’s overall quality
  • Reduce the time required to add and produce new updates.

A key role of continuous integration is to detect problems and obstacles early on in the development cycle.

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