IT Outsourcing: Australia and Vietnam, a Winning Multicultural Collaboration!

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Reinforce your team of Australian developers with Vietnamese developers
Reinforce your team of Australian developers with Vietnamese developers

In a world where “diversity is the true wealth of humanity“, according to former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the modern technology industry is forged in diversity and innovation across borders. Australia and Vietnam embody this richness through an offshore IT partnership, fueled by their shared appreciation of multiculturalism.

Known as “The Lucky Country“🍀 , Australia is a living portrait of biodiversity and dynamic culture, while Vietnam, the “Dragon of Asia“🐲, (a nickname given to Vietnam in reference to its shape), is distinguished by the peaceful coexistence of 54 vibrant ethnic groups.

This Australian-Vietnamese union, involving IT project outsourcing from Australia to Vietnam, creates a collaborative framework where “difference is not only accepted but also valued and appreciated”, as the Australian writer Malcom Gladwell put it. [NOTE: Gladwell is not Australian]

With this in mind, we explore the impact of the of the Australian-Vietnamese blend of working cultures on the success of companies’ software development projects.

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A Brief Introduction to “Lucky Country” 🦘

Australia, sometimes nicknamed Lucky Country, is a continent-island, bathed in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country is popular for its deserts, beaches and bush (vegetation found in dry countries made up of tightly packed bushes or isolated trees).

If you’re lucky enough to discover the Australian bush, you’re sure to come across koalas 🐨, dromedaries, kangaroos, dingoes and Tasmanian devils… Without a doubt, Australia is famous for its unique wildlife and iconic natural sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.

Among the main Australian cities, we have Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, known for their culture and modernity. Australians possess a rich cultural heritage, particularly with the Aboriginal peoples, the region’s first inhabitants. From an economic perspective, Australia is a prosperous country with leading industries in agriculture, mining and education.

Australia and Vietnam, a Prosperous Relationship 🤝 for 50 years

According to, political and economic relations between Australia and Vietnam are very good. The Australian Prime Minister visited his Vietnamese counterpart in Hanoi in June 2023 to discuss topics such as trade between the two countries, as well as the transition to greener energy.

Furthermore, the two countries have solidly maintained prosperous relations for 50 years, thanks to complementary economic advantages, namely Australia’s natural resources against Vietnam’s economic workforce.

In this period of accelerated digital transformation, Australian companies such as software publishers or SMEs in need of web developers have a clear economic interest in outsourcing the development of their digital tools to Australia.

This article aims to look beyond the financial margin that can be achieved by an Australian company outsourcing IT development in Vietnam. This post seeks to explore the common mindset found within the Vietnamese-Australian work cultures.

The Connection Point Between Australian and Vietnamese Work Cultures: Multiculturalism 🌎

According to, it was during the 1970s that the Australian government first became aware of the strength of the country as a multicultural society. Diversity and the blending of cultures have therefore been encouraged and valued in organizations since then.

And as we already know, cultural diversity accelerates innovation and creativity, which is precisely what Australian IT companies and software publishers need: creativity 🎨!

Today, multiculturalism is considered a success in Australia, a country that has overcome its past challenges of ethnicity to become one of the most tolerant nations in the world.

We can observe the actions of this openness to the world even today, where it is quite easy to go to Australia and stay for up to 3 months thanks to a free, electronic, and simplified visa, the “eVisitor.”

This policy of openness to other cultures is supported by Australia’s main political parties, despite resistance from certain groups fearing encouragement of separatism and excessive government spending on ethnic minorities.

Vietnam, in turn, shares this vision of multiculturalism. The Dragon of Asia is home to a majority population of the Kinh, alongside which no fewer than 53 ethnic minorities live in various regions of the country, according to

Despite linguistic and cultural differences, these ethnic groups coexist peacefully 🕊️ and consider themselves as brothers and sisters living under the same roof.

This inter-ethnic solidarity is a key element of Vietnamese history, especially in the face of climate challenges and foreign invasions.

Vietnam celebrates this diversity through the Cultural Day of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups, held every April 19th. The 2021 event saw the participation of representatives from 17 different ethnicities, showcasing various aspects of the intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO.

The minority ethnic groups, mainly located in mountainous regions, contribute to the country’s cultural wealth through their unique traditions in architecture, literature, arts, celebrations, religions, languages, cuisine and clothing. Their close coexistence promotes mutual understanding and collaboration. Preserving and promoting these ethnic cultures is essential for strengthening the Vietnamese national identity and the country’s tourist appeal.

It is precisely because of these similarities in their cultural context and their openness to diversity that Australia and Vietnam have a keen interest in collaborating on software development projects, whether web or mobile.

Strengthening an Australian Developer Team through Multiculturalism, Working with Vietnamese Developers

When two countries share a similar openness to multiculturalism, it facilitates more effective collaboration for several reasons:

Mutual respect and understanding

A shared appreciation of multiculturalism between the Australians and Vietnamese implies recognition and respect for cultural differences. This mutual understanding is bound to create a more harmonious and respectful working environment for web development projects, where diverse perspectives are valued.

Effective communication

An openness to cultural pluralism helps to develop a greater sensitivity to each other’s nuances, which in turn improves communication between all parties. Smooth communication is a key element of any software development project, and Vietnamese and Australian teams will most certainly agree on this point.

Cultural misunderstandings are less likely to occur, and even when they do, they are usually handled with greater tact and understanding.

An innovative and creative approach

Choosing to outsource your IT development to Vietnam as an Australian company, means benefitting from innovative 💡 and creative ideas that aren’t necessarily available in your home territory. A mindset that promotes cultural diversity encourages innovation and creativity. When two countries share this value, they can more easily inspire each other and combine multiple ideas to create unique, high-performance digital solutions.

This is how the best companies stand out in the marketplace, through their creativity and uniqueness.

The multiculturalism shared between Vietnam and Australia tends to align web project management policies and objectives, while naturally reducing intercultural conflicts. It strengthens relationships between teams of developers working remotely, establishing common ground on key digital issues.

The fusion of Australian and Vietnamese work ethics in digital project development proves once again that cultural differences can be a strength rather than an obstacle.

The Australian-Vietnamese collaboration perfectly illustrates Maya Angelou’s thought: “We should all know that diversity makes us not only more beautiful, but also stronger.”

Looking towards the future, the alliance between an Australian developer team and a Vietnamese developer team is more than just an economic synergy; it is a testament that when nations work together, they pave the way for limitless progress.

Therefore, outsourcing web development to Vietnam when you are an Australian-based company represents a partnership that not only redefines the offshore IT sector but aspires to become a shining example of international cooperation 🤝🌎.

“Our unity is our strength, and our diversity is our power.”

Former Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

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