What are the upcoming technology trends for 2022?

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The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives in many ways in 2022. Most notably, it will affect the labor market around the world. However, it has also led to substantial transformations in the field of technology as it becomes more and more present in our lives. Especially since the last two years have proven that flexibility and adaptability to the environment are paramount in a world that changes overnight. 

So, what should we expect in terms of technological advances in 2022?

Tech trends 2022
Tech trends 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries and making our lives easier by automating complex tasks and making future predictions. This computer science field plays an important role in the health sector, but also in industrial production, education, transportation…

The new boom in artificial intelligence is due to the new learning capabilities of machines. Today, thanks to the mass of accessible data (Big Data), machines are no longer limited to the coding to which they are subjected, they can learn on their own. Examples include autonomous cars (without driver), or connected objects (language translator, voice commands…). Artificial intelligence is everywhere. Among the best companies working on developing AI , we can count Google, Microsoft, Tesla, IBM and Facebook. 

Regarding its economic impact on the market, artificial intelligence is expected to grow from $58.3 billion in 2021 to $309.6 billion by 2026. With so much progress being made in the field of artificial intelligence, and companies spending huge amounts of money on its development, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence will be an integral part of our future.

2. Cybersecurity

Several companies have fallen prey to cyberattacks, including big names like Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a trigger for an increase in the number of cyber attacks worldwide. Therefore, the field of cybersecurity is of paramount importance in the digitalized era we are in. 

The three pillars of cybersecurity are: protection, detection and response. In a world where everything evolves towards the digitization of our information (identity, money, property…) we find ourselves more and more exposed to cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is evolving with the technological advances, and given its rapid growth, cybersecurity will also have to adapt to new risks.

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3. Robotics

Robotics is an important industry that is growing with time and that in the coming years will offer a lot to society, especially in the work and health sector. We could soon see factories becoming 100% equipped with robots to perform all manual tasks, as well as more accurate and functional devices in hospitals and examination centers. It will be interesting to watch further development of robotics in 2022.

This upheaval will have an important impact on our work, and will push all generations to change their career, perhaps more focused on innovation, research, development but also art. We can even, in a utopian vision, imagine that robotization will gradually put an end to the era of industrial work and will give everyone the opportunity to redefine themselves differently.

4. The 5G Network

We live in a world where an overwhelming amount of data must be transmitted quickly. And with the increase in remote work and video conferencing, reliable connectivity and better bandwidth are crucial. And that’s why we need 5G. 

According to the GSMA (Global System for Mobile communications Association), by 2025 5G networks will encompass more than 1.7 billion users worldwide. 5G will also be an essential tool for the development of IoT (internet of things) and virtual reality. 

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5. The Internet of Things [IoT]

The IoT is fast becoming an integral part of our lives. The IoT is a futuristic concept known for its social and technological wonders. It involves extending the internet network, and therefore data exchanges, to other objects in the physical world. It is found in everyday objects: a smart watch, smart glasses , a car…

A connected object has the particularity of not operating autonomously but is capable of transmitting information with other connected objects. Let’s imagine that you are doing sports with your connected watch. The watch will collect data on your session and your physical condition. This information can be transmitted to your phone, which will be able to advise you on what is best to eat after a specific physical exercise, make recommendations on your rest time, compare your session with the previous ones and make forecasts. It will be able to program your sleep time and therefore your alarm clock. Then this data can be transmitted to your connected home, which can then program to close the shutters at a certain time and turn on the light the next day at the time of your alarm clock, for example, as well as your radio and coffee machine.  

IoT devices are growing by nearly 31% every year, and according to some predictions, there will be 30 billion IoT devices by 2022.

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6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality mixes elements of the real world with virtual elements, while virtual reality creates an entirely virtual environment. A kind of parallel world in which everyone can evolve and which is called metaverse. The potential of augmented reality and virtual reality does not stop at the field of entertainment, as one might think. It also transforms the labor market, the sports sector, education, health, to name a few. From video games, sports sessions, concerts, work meetings, outings with friends, all your activities can be done directly in this virtual world, in which you will be completely immersed.

Guided by innovation, connectivity and virtuality, 2022 appears to be full of surprises, with technological promises that we can’t wait to use.

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