JavaScript developers: the most sought after talents in 2019

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JavaScript competency was a skill that was in high demand in 2019

According to a study by DevSkiller, a publisher specializing in analysis of developer skills: JavaScript is the technical skill that was most sought-after by companies in 2019.

In its report “Top IT Skills report 2020: Demand and Hiring Trends”, the most sought after technological skills for 2019 were:

  • 1st place: JavaScript,
  • 2nd place: SQL,
  • 3rd place: Java,
  • 4th place: HTML/CSS,
  • 5th place: .NET/C #.

The report was released on January 8, 2020 and was updated on January 20.

The popularity of JavaScript clearly indicates that businesses continue to have a great need for web applications.

Finally, it should be noted that of all the companies looking for JavaScript developers, half of them also needed SQL developers, while the other half were after Java developers.

Why is JavaScript so popular?

Technical teams choose JavaScript because they know that this language will be able to meet all of their customers’ needs.

Developers using JS can intervene everywhere, both in front and back ends, using a single server and client language; the dream of any developer. Communication between stacks is optimized because they are coded in the same language.

JS also has the distinction of being simple to understand, in addition to offering great potentialities. It also boasts a huge community! JS has a large number of libraries that open up even more possibilities for developers.

Added to that, all web browsers use JavaScript.

Finally, JavaScript is currently the best in asynchronous language. It has been designed to process information in real time.

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How is my project integrated into your offshore IT development centers?

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