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Our IT service centres will unlock any tech challenges for turning your project into reality.

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Everything you need to develop your project

Web applications

Developing tailor-made websites and web applications is our core business. But we go further, not only building your project but also continuously supporting you and advising you at each step of the product’s lifecycle.

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Mobile applications

Mobile Applications nowadays are the most important channels for interacting with users. We will make your application shine by developing it carefully with native or multi-platform technologies.

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Software development

Development of custom software is an integral part of our core business. With a dedicated team of software engineers, we bring you an appropriate and specialized mix of technologies, tools and methods to boost your software delivery roadmap.

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Project management

We take advantage of our hand-on experience gleaned from the project management of over 150 projects delivered for different industries and product. Our project managers are Agile methodology lovers.

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Our brilliant team of UX / UI designers will refine and enhance your ideas before we turn them into reality. Use our highly competitive service center to build you an application and website that’s up to speed with all the latest trends and possibilities of current technology.

Application maintenance

We ensure your products will be kept up to date. We take care of your application and software maintenance at all the different stages: code refactoring, bugs or regression fixing, new feature development, and more.

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A trusted partner

Why choose us?

We are a trusted partner for our customers and support their technological growth strategy. We stand together with them, driving successful business milestones from the beginning. Discover the main benefits of working with us.


We help you respond and adapt to changes quickly using the Agile methodology.

The Agile methodology is focused on flexibility, technical excellence and communication for high delivery capacity between all the team members'.

We integrate the Agile methodology and the right tools in your dedicated team, making them fit perfectly your needs.


We offer you the right production capacity to suit your time to market strategy.

A pool of +150 in-house developers, tech gurus and product owners, and a data base of 1000+ candidates.

We continuously hunt and train the best IT talents.


Concerned about the ROI of your projects? We offer the best cost alternative on the market.

The geographical location of our services centers allows us to have the most competitive pricing.


We work with people who are passionate about their job and technology.

Our dedicated teams are sensitive to your product vision and business model.

We obviously hire our IT talent based on their technical skills, but also consider their soft skills: Passion for technology, commitment and motivation are the requirements for being a part of our teams.

Bocasay is a complete IT service center for building up your powerful Web and Mobile feature-rich apps, in a people-centric environment.

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