What new developments can be expected with the arrival of 5G?

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The first 5G mobile plans have arrived in France, and are already being offered to individuals by the 3 largest French operators. This new technology looks set to give rise to the creation of incredible new services and uses.

5G has arrived in France at Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Orange. 5G takes over from its little sister 4G in the mobile communications sector. As already explained in one of our articles, 5G offers much higher data throughput and lower latency rates. It is incomparable to anything we’ve yet seen in the mobile phone industry. As well as other revolutionary steps, 5G will also be able to support many simultaneous connections.

5G is built on 3 key strengths:

  • A significant improvement in mobile speeds.
  • Very low latency rates and excellent reliability.
  • The possibility to maintain several simultaneous mobile and IoT connections.

5G is not just a simple evolution, but a revolution: it is a disruptive technology in every sense. It promises unprecedented possibilities in all sectors of activity. Indeed, David Cameron, the former UK prime minister, already declared in 2014 that 5G will make it possible to download an 800 MB movie in just 1 second! Considering that even with the best 4G connection, that would take approximately 40 seconds, the shift is enormous.

How can companies make use of 5G?

What kinds of services can businesses expect to be made available from 5G? What uses should they position themselves to take advantage of with this new revolutionary technology?

To begin with, companies will be able to offer much richer audio-visual content. 4K video, 3D video or even cloud gaming will be fully usable and easy to distribute to mobile users with 5G.

5G will herald a boom in the creation of augmented and / or virtual reality applications.

The sectors poised to benefit most from 5G are:

  • Smart Cities: networked cities, public safety, connected territories and energy management.
  • E-health: telemedicine and telesurgery.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • At the industry level: remote control, autonomous cars, robotics, automation as a whole.
  • The empowerment of transport.

And there are still many uses are to come: the possibilities are endless, and new uses and applications are bound to emerge.

The first 5G packages for individuals are already on sale in France at Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR. We still have to wait a little longer to discover what Free Mobile’s 5G offers. Not all cities in France are yet covered by 5G, but by 2025 the entire country will be covered by the technology

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