How are Software Publishers Supported in the Development of their Applications?

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For executives and CTOs responsible for managing and organizing the development of software or SaaS applications (Software as a Service), it’s now time to explore new opportunities to maximize the potential of your products!

Web development agencies have a habit of assisting companies in their application projects. They offer various services to best serve the interests of software publishers, who handle the design, development and commercialization of software products. In order for these publishers to succeed, their mission is to choose a development partner experienced in working in this field of activity.

Various end-to-end support approaches are offered, in addition to many options to reduce budgets, such as outsourcing development to an offshore web agency in Vietnam. Let’s now delve into the details of how a software publisher can hope to benefit from a collaboration with an IT development company.

“If you’re not ashamed of the first version of your product, you launched it too late.”

Reid Hoffman (American businessman)

Begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

First and foremost, starting with an MVP is a real asset when it comes to standing out in the marketplace. This concept, very often proposed by web agencies, is often accompanied by another solution called Proof of Concept (PoC), which takes on the delicate task of validating ideas before they become reality.

The MVP is a beta version of the software that will be made available to end-users for testing. A large amount of user feedback is then collected, and positive and negative criticisms of the software are dissected, which will inform and guide future developments and functionalities of the software.

A reliable and trustworthy partner will offer personalized support and roadmap development, enabling the company to achieve its strategic objectives and guarantee sustainable growth.

Both software architecture and the cloud must be intelligently thought through from the outset, even before the first line of code is written.  The right web development company will advise you on the optimal technological choices to make for your project’s successful implementation.

In terms of web development itself, what can you expect from a web development agency worthy of the name?

“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.”

Edward V. Berard

(American engineer)

Continue with implementing an essential product development strategy

Web development companies are essential strategic partners in meeting software publishers’ needs regarding the following:

  • Creation,
  • Maintenance,
  • Web application evolution.

They offer diversified expertise in product development, designing customized solutions aligned with the specific objectives of each solution.

With strong ramp-up capabilities, they reinforce and complement existing teams by adding in-house skills.

Accustomed to taking charge of modules, they accelerate the development process while maintaining a high level of quality.

The proposed product development is supported by undisputed expertise in web and mobile development. The creation of modern, responsive applications – meeting the expectations of today’s users – is what they are used to responding to.

Finally, thanks to their expertise in Cloud, DevOps and Agility, they offer high-performance, flexible technological solutions, adapted to the changing needs of users and the market.

Working in partnership with a company specialized in web development, ensures the continued success of software projects and delivers an exceptional user experience.

The interesting case of having your product developed by an elite web agency in Vietnam

It’s worth pointing out here that entrusting software development to a web agency based in Vietnam is cost-effective for a French company because of several specific advantages it can offer:

1.         Competitive costs: Vietnam is renowned for its relatively low labor costs compared with European countries, including France. Software product development can be carried out there at lower cost, resulting in significant savings for the French company.

2.         Qualified resources: Vietnam has a young, dynamic workforce with a large number of qualified professionals in IT, software engineering and other related fields. Many web agencies in Vietnam hire skilled and experienced developers capable of delivering high-quality technological solutions.

Covering the entire value chain with serenely managed software evolution and maintenance

As explained above, web development agencies that specialize in software publishing support software publishers throughout their projects. Aware of the importance of ongoing software evolution to satisfy users, they work closely together to identify key new functionalities and plan regular updates, scrupulously respecting agreed deadlines.

What’s more, these agencies understand the imperative of modernizing software in order to maintain its competitiveness. They draw on the latest technologies and industry best practices, optimizing existing code and integrating the latest innovations to enhance application performance and security.

In addition, agencies diligently provide Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA), reacting promptly to their clients’ reported problems. Their continuous availability (often thanks to developers in many different countries) means that publishers can concentrate on their core business.

Bocasay’s experts, offering in-depth experience of the latest technologies, provide you with personalized support. We understand the strategic challenges you face and ensure that your technology roadmap is perfectly aligned with your ambitions.

Thanks to our cutting-edge expertise, we can solve your software application development and maintenance problems. You can count on us to challenge your product activity and take your company to new technological heights.

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