Technological challenges of brand safety, fraud and digital visibility in 2018

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2018 will be a decision-maker, in terms of the future for digital advertising. Ten years ago, issues regarding the transparency of online advertising were insignificant whereas today they are essential.

We observe and recognize the existence of artificial traffic, high statistics of unseen advertisements and legislation, which is gradually starting to take shape..

Brand safety represents the fight against fraud, in the world of online advertising. This concept refers to good practices, in order to protect the advertiser’s brand:

• In order to avoid for the advertising banner to appear in surroundings which could harm its image, or which aren’t in keeping with the advertising message.

• To fight against invalid traffic which corresponds to false traffic and that aims to swell up the statistics.

Invalid traffic

Measuring invalid traffic is about detecting fake automated traffic, which aims to artificially increase the advertising campaign’s circulation volumes. The practices of fraudsters are always more and more innovative: using botnets or individuals to generate fake traffic.

Stakes of actors in ad monitoring

The actors of the ad monitoring must stay both informed on the latest trends in terms of the distribution media of artificial advertising but also the recent practices of fraudsters.


The visibility of online advertising is the percentage of the advertising’s visible area and its length of time on the screen.

Technically speaking, advertisers must be able to set KPIs for each type of campaign, each delivery context, and advertising format. These KPIs, which must have a very high level of granularity, as it shall enable them to guarantee their visibility.

Technology solutions and software developments dedicated to these topics are possible with ESN on the market. Computer engineering experts can develop applications, which allow advertisers and ad auditors to implement dedicated applications, to collect such kind of details.

Creating an efficient and user-friendly ecosystem

• Encourage non-intrusive advertising (secure environment) and a positive image (say goodbye adblocks). The goal is for advertising to become an integral part of the user experience, and is no longer suffered by the latter.

• Havas Agency and ad auditor, Adledge offer audits of publisher advertising spaces to identify areas for improvement, to move towards a more qualitative digital advertising market.

IT development solutions for publishers

The editors of online advertising solutions or brand safety solution publishers, design, build and evolve platforms, so as to manage innovative and qualitative distribution spaces.

Bocasay and Maltem Consulting Group can respond to the challenges and desires of software publishers, by providing them with the necessary resources.

Maltem Consulting Group offers you consultants in fields like digital, innovation, organizational and data consulting. Maltem supports and helps you maintain or develop your competitive edge in this ever-changing digital advertising scene. Maltem, accounts to more than 1000 consultants around the world, including 700 in France.

With Bocasay’s affordable costs, the latter constantly improves your solutions and offers advanced visibility features, fraud measures, invalid traffic measurement, traffic measurement by robots, etc. With the Bocasay offer: you have a team of developers in less than a month, at your disposal.

With Bocasay and Maltem Consulting Group, your IT solutions will undoubtedly strive for detail, precision and granularity.

Source : et (Digital Marketing 2018)

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