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What is Cloud Storage ?

Cloud storage means storing data in a remote physical location and being able to access that data from any device connected to the Internet.

While the usual data storage methods such as hard disks and USB sticks have their own advantages, all that data can be lost if the physical drives become damaged or corrupted.

Cloud storage provides a real safe space for your critical data because no matter what happens to your physical drives, your data will always be safe and accessible in the online cloud.

There are many free and paid cloud storage services, and in this article we’ll explore the top five.

1. Google Drive

This tech giant rarely disappoints. Google Drive starts off by giving you 15GB of data storage for free. Then it lets you store your personal stuff like photos in a simple super-friendly and intuitive user interface. You can store all kinds of file types, access your data from anywhere and share files and folders instantly. For extra data storage, reasonably priced packages are available for both personal and business requirements. Accessible both on desktop and mobile devices.

2. iCloud

An ideal cloud storage solution that works seamlessly for Apple users. iCloud is very easy to use and every new user gets 5 GB of cloud storage for free when they sign up. One of the biggest advantages the iCloud service provides is how it can be used to back-up and restore critical data on all your Apple devices – a lifesaver when your device has been formatted and you want to have your previous system preferences and applications restored quickly. The service can take daily back-ups of your iPhone or iPad when connected via Wi-Fi. Also compatible with PCs.

3. pCloud

One of the very few cloud storage services that offer lifetime subscriptions like 2TB of space for a 350$ one-time fee. In addition, a generous 10GB of free data storage is provided for every new user. This is a company registered in Switzerland – home to some of the strongest privacy laws in the world. pCloud offers premium privacy and security at affordable packages both for businesses and individuals. With an elegant and intuitive interface, this cloud service is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

4. Dropbox

Another market leader in cloud storage. While Dropbox doesn’t give you too much data space for free (only 2GB) , it compensates with flexible packages and reliable back-up and protection features for your data. You can also push up the free data by referring friends to the service, reaching a maximum of 16GB of free cloud storage. In addition, with smart collaboration capabilities, remote teams can work together on a sharable file to ensure everyone is always on the same page. The service offers desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile apps on Android and iOS.

5. Mega

This is the friendly monster of cloud services. All you need to know is that this service offers 50GB of free data storage to every new user. If this company’s crazy generous gesture hasn’t convinced you yet, their extra data encryption options and simple-to-use mobile app will. Mega’s pride is user-controlled encryption. You can easily upload photos and files securely and synchronize your data with desktop devices. Business storage options are also available.

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