What is Design Thinking & how the companies use it?

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Design thinking requires a cultural change in your organization. Despite its name, Design Thinking is not a concept which is exclusively reserved for designers. Very rooted in creativity, Design Thinking is a technique that startups, small, medium or large companies use, to solve peculiar issues.

According to John Oswald, Global Director of Futurice, Design Thinking is a breeding ground for design, business and technology, that communicate together to solve human issues. Since then, the term has been a little tarnished, to do Design Thinking, one needs more than just ideas.

Thoughts: understanding the distressing points

Identifying the problem is a start but it is not enough. To solve a problem, you need to understand why this is distressing for your users. “The most delicate and important first step is not to jump to conclusions.” explains Simon Hill, Wazoku’s Managing Director, who creates software and helps companies to use the principles of large-scale design thinking.

It is essential that you dig deep in order to fully understand the data you have in your possession. This means that you have to spend time with your users, your employees to pinpoint the distressing points and see why they exist.

IBM recently worked with Santander Spain on a mobile technology project for its employees. Rather than optimizing current platforms for mobile devices, Santander Spain’s ambition was to “change the way work is done,” said Justin Ablett, Senior Financial Services, Associate at IBM.

“We have come to know our users” and in this case all IBM employees. They devised personas and empathy cards. They observed how the employees worked. Once the company had understood the working scenarios of its employees, the latter then identified the distressing points and began to think of ways to solve them.

The culture of “doing”

One of the most common traps for a company is, trying to implement the principles of Design Thinking which means getting stuck in the idea phase. In most cases, ideas don’t lack, the most complicated is to turn them into a reality.

Adopt a simplified approach to implement solutions within your organization: prototyping an idea, testing it, improving it, testing it again, then gathering feedback and integrating feedback (just like an Agile process). This way, you get very fast inputs on what works and what doesn’t work. There is room for improvement.

For Design Thinking to be a success, it requires a cultural transformation. IBM has taken several steps to integrate Design Thinking into its corporate culture. By increasing the number of people who are dedicated to this concept, 1 designer for 33 people. Companies must provide teams with an adequate workspace for this type of creative activity.

Design Thinking Offshore Solution

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