2016 Bocasay report: “We achieved our goals.”

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We are coming to the end of this year 2016. What is your balance sheet?

We had some real challenges, including our internal organization. Our 2016 balance sheet is very positive. Compared to last January, our turnover has increased by more than 40%. We also managed to diversify our customer base. 

What were your issues in January 2016?

We had to structure the “Project” hubs ,”Dedicated Team” and the Human Resources Department in Madagascar. That’s what we did with the establishment of a middle management effective. We’ve empowered our people at every level with real quality process. Our new HR department took office in September 2016, and today we have a structured career plan to offer to our employees. 

The other major project was the complete overhaul of our graphic charter, then the introduction of this new identity on different media (website, presentations, etc. .). This allowed us to launch different communication actions to gain visibility, especially with the creation of content and a greater presence on social networks.

What was your biggest client project in 2016?

We are very proud of the release of the V2 platform Web to print, that we have developed entirely , for one of our clients. Developed in Symfony, the release of this complex web application has been a real success. This application represents more than 1000 days of development and has been launched with a large network of resellers. We are developing new modules.

What did you bring to your customers?

While it’s not easy to speak for our customers, we know that continuous improvement of our processes was very much appreciated. We attach a lot of importance to the quality of our services. We also take a lot of time to capture their business challenges and make sure to integrate a real notion of return on investment with the outsourcing of benefits Offshore IT.

You have also expanded your teams this year. What types of skills did you recruit?

We first expanded our technical teams in Madagascar with the arrival of lead developers and expert developers on WordPress, Drupal, Symfony and AngularJS. We have also incorporated new technological skills for our customers with dedicated teams (Windev, Cordova, etc.). We have also strengthened our support functions in Madagascar with the recruitment of a Human Resources Director. As for France, we have recruited several project managers (technical and functional), some of whom have left expatriate in our subsidiary in Madagascar.

Have you been able to master or deepen a new technology sought after on the market?

With these recruitments, we deepen our mastery of technologies like Symfony, WordPress, Drupal and AngularJS. We have also made progress on everything related to the Front-end development and continuous integration including unit and functional testing.

Expert in offshore IT, you have teams in France and also in Madagascar. Tell us what’s new on the island?

The arrival of our new Human Resources Director was a very important step. It allowed us to completely structure the HR processes. Our offices in Madagascar are also doubled in size. 70 new offices were imported from France. We also took the opportunity to refurbish the premises: painting, electricity, server room, network cabling. Now, we have the same offices in Paris and Madagascar.

Tell us your ambitions for the year 2017?

Many recruitments are planned. In France, Bocasay will focus on its marketing and sales development. We are currently recruiting a team in France. It should be fully operational by the end of the first half of 2017. We are also ready to strengthen the project management team if necessary, it will depend on the evolution of the volume of business. As for Madagascar, we will recruit between 20 and 40 technical profiles. To meet this recruitment need, we also want to open an internal training hub strong as of the first semester to train Symfony and Javascript experts  in particular.

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