2018 Annual Bocasay Madagascar Party

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The annual Bocasay Madagascar party took place last April 13 in Antananarivo.

On the agenda

Presentation of Bocasay Madagascar’s 2017 balance sheet.

  • Women in Tech: intervention by women who presented actions and ideas to improve the position of women at Bocasay.
  • Presentation of the 2018 objectives.
  • 2018 figures

Bocasay, today, consists of:

  • 70 employees in Madagascar.
  • 27 employees in Vietnam.
  • 5 employees in Paris.

Women in Bocasay

The Bocasay women intervened during this evening and proposed areas of improvement on the status of women within Bocasay:

Directing women towards assuming more responsibilities

  • Highlighting women’s skills at trade fairs and events related to recruitment.
  • Participating in charities and organizations promoting women’s rights.

Finding a place for women through activities

  • Recruitment: encouraging female candidates.
  • Equity: equal skills, equal pay and equal responsibilities.

Improving women’s working conditions at Bocasay

  • Women’s place in Bocasay’s activities.
  • Balance between family and professional life.

Bocasay Madagascar’s objectives for 2018

  • The 2018 objectives have, at last, been announced.
  • 130 employees targeted by the end of 2018.
  • Expanding Bocasay’s international presence.

Career Plan

  • To reinforce continuous training within Bocasay Madagascar.
  • To create a training academy for future employees.
  • To certify employees on market technologies.

Eco-Societal Commitment

  • To support solidarity associations in Madagascar.
  • To train underprivileged young people or those without diplomas in the IT profession to enable them to find a job.
  • To establish partnership with SAYNA for the training of disadvantaged young people.

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