Bocasay’s Family outing to Ambatomirahavavy

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The Bocasay Staff Association chaired by Andriniaina Rabarimisa organized a family outing on Saturday, February 26th at Fitiavana & Fialamboly located about 1h30 by car from the Malagasy capital. It’s about 70 people who came together to enjoy a relaxing family day together.

Course of the day

Departure by bus at 8am from the offices of Bocasay to Antanimora .

Arrival at 10am at the Fitiavana & amp; Fialamboly. The Bocasay collaborators , accompanied by their families, have enjoyed many activities, under a beautiful sun, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

During the morning, speech by the President of the Staff Association with a presentation of each family who came for the event. Outdoor activities were available to everyone as well as a pool for adults and children.

After a busy morning, the Bocassiens met for lunch.

During the afternoon, team tournaments were held with rewards for the winners !

Five tournaments punctuated this afternoon in various categories:

  • Billiards, 
  • Basketball, 
  • Babyfoot, 
  • Karaoke, 
  • Playing Cards. 

The participating teams consisted of two people.

A great evening to come

The Staff Association plans to hold a big party in the spring with a dress code of rigor. It will take a little more to know more about this evening 

Many thanks again to all members of the Bocasay Staff Association for this family outing under the sign of friendliness! 

Thanks to Irelie, Tolotra, Iary, Nampoina, Jacky, Rindra, Njarivo and Andriniaina.

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