3 Ways a Professional UX/UI can Transform Your Business

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Smart UX & UI design will engage users, build an emotional connection, and drive conversion rates.  

UX and UI – What’s it all about?

Let’s begin with the most basic rule of thumb: UX is how a website or app works, and UI is how it looks.

UX and UI are two of the most easily confused tech buzzwords out there. While they are two separate design procedures – complementing each other – they often appear together as if they are one and the same thing. 

UX means User Experience. It refers to the overall digital experience a user encounters when interacting with the online services and products of a digital brand. UX designers are mainly concerned with creating brand or company experiences rather than appearances.

UI means User Interface. This is all about the appearance of a website, mobile app, or any digital online brand. UI designers are basically graphic designers tasked with creating the visually-attractive and often interactive aspects that make up the looks of any digital brand.

Creating an online brand or website is always a collaborative process and it most often involves two separate design teams working very closely together to achieve the desired final product.

In this article, we’ll have a look at 3 ways that professional UX and UI  practices can take your digital business to the next level.

1. Be the User’s friend

A professional UX & UI design team will think very hard about what a target user will be searching for in a website, but also what they might want the user to feel. After all, deciding on whether to purchase a product from one vendor in the sea of many that is the Internet, is often a very emotional decision.

So, avoid elements like pop-up notifications and ads at all costs. They can be disruptive and they can frustrate a lot of potential users. Also do not make things more difficult for users than they have to be. Over-complicated checkout processes and difficult navigation all fall under this category. An annoyed user is often a lost potential customer: they rarely come back for more.  A user that has a positive emotional connection with your website is the one that has the potential to be a loyal customer.  

2. Homepage is Everything

Any good digital housekeeping for online businesses involves the creation and maintenance of a great homepage. This is the first point of contact for any prospective user or customer: it’s almost the same as inviting someone to your home for the first time. First impressions really do matter in an online digital marketplace of limited attention spans.

Make sure your homepage is clean-looking and easy to use for your intended users.

Anything the user needs to know in order to achieve a task within your digital environment – needs to be readily available and accessible right on your business homepage. If you want to achieve long-term user and customer loyalty for your online brand, you will have to offer exceptional user-friendliness and smooth functionality as soon as a user lands on your homepage. Anything less and your brand becomes Internet History quite fast.

3. Feedback is Good Manners

Ever hovered your mouse cursor above a fancy-looking website icon and had no idea what would happen if you clicked on it? That’s because the website creators never considered that letting you know what each icon does is important. It’s just like asking for the bathroom at a restaurant and nobody will tell you where it is.

Feedback is absolutely essential for creating a rewarding user experience for your online business. Users tend to return to products and services which care enough to provide any information they might require in order to experience the brand at its full potential. Ultimately, offering reliable user-feedback is basically providing great customer service and engaging users to always return to your digital brand. At Bocasay, offshore development center, we are constantly keeping a lookout of the latest UX & UI trends, and educating our teams of developers on the best practices to ensure our clients have access to only the finest and most optimized digital solutions. Get in touch to find out more.

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