4 technological trends that will have an impact on companies in 2018

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The Vodafone Trends Barometer 2018, which was released this month, reveals that technology is rapidly changing the business environment but also the customer needs. When it comes to businesses, considering these changes is no longer an option.

Discover the 4 current trends below, that will significantly change the business scenario, as of this year but also the coming years.

1.New global economic scenario

The global economy is redefined through frequent political and societal changes. These fluctuations contribute to increase the uncertainty and the risk, for the companies. Customer loyalty declines, to maintain a minimum level of trust, companies increase their actions by ten-fold and try to maintain positive results, as much as possible. Market players are working harder than ever to build, maintain and restore trust with their customers and partners.

2.Re-think the business model

New technologies and the ever-changing social situation are the reason for the emergence of new economic models. Businesses are therefore forced to rethink the way they traditionally manage their data, adapt and adopt digital technologies, in order to continue remaining competitive.

3.Human and machine collaboration

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are already making an impact, on the relationship between machines and humans. These new concepts tend to increase and advance human skills, rather than replace them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help humans make better decisions, become more productive, create new revenue opportunities and more personalized solutions.

Jobs are redefined by the inclusion of machines, making new skills essential for the workforce of the future. By being attentive and responsive, to new usage cases and evaluating how it is possible to make the most of human talent and the machine, companies will be better prepared for this new kind of workforce..

4.Digital Workplace (digital)

The digital workplace involves flexible and connected workspaces. Digital life now includes working from home. The tools of communication and remote working abound and allow to train agile teams, very quickly.

Flexibility and agility will define the success for the job market, in the future. Companies need to include agile work into their teams and their culture. Companies must ensure that they will have continued access to digital and technological skills when they need them.

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Source: www.techrepublic.com

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