How to Use AI Chatbots to Improve Your Customer Service

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Online or offline, it’s impossible to run a successful business without offering clients excellent customer services and brand experiences. Any company that prioritizes good customer service can ultimately boost its revenues, as well as attract and retain customers. For 96% of customers, the quality of a company’s customer service is important for choosing to stay loyal to a brand. 

In an increasingly digital economy, traditional methods of providing customer services often cannot catch up with the constantly evolving needs and expectations of new-age online customers. So how can you improve your customer services in an online marketplace? This is exactly where AI chatbots can have a huge impact on the future of customer support services and how Bocasay, being a Vietnam offshore development center, can help you.

Chatbots can use artificial intelligence (AI) to easily perform real-time communication with customers, to optimize the overall brand experience and to boost user engagement. By performing a wide range of auto-tasks, from customer services to marketing campaigns, chatbots essentially enable your team to focus their attention on customers more efficiently.   

Artificial intelligence at the service of customer service
Artificial intelligence at the service of customer service

Ready to integrate AI chatbots into your online customer service strategy? In this article, we’ll explore how AI chatbots can improve the quality of customer services in your online business.  

First, it’s important to go over some basic concepts: 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial Intelligence uses IT systems to simulate human intelligence in order to perform a range of tasks which would otherwise be performed by people. AI tools are able to perceive their environments, analyze and collect data. They can also take actions that optimize task processes and facilitate goal achievement, perform situational and environmental analysis, language translations, financial transactions, voice recognition, visual perception and self correction.

What is a Customer Service Chatbot?

Chatbots are essentially computer software powered by the computer science of artificial intelligence. Within a customer service environment, by using natural language processing technology, chatbots are designed to simulate a real-time conversation with a customer on the telephone, messaging applications and websites. 

What are the Benefits of Chatbots for Customer Services?

Cost Reduction

Hiring and training customer support agents for your company can be expensive and time-consuming. You can easily  train chatbots to efficiently handle frequently asked questions. 

Despite the volume of customer requests, you can keep customer service admin costs at a minimum by deploying AI chatbots to handle multiple customer requests at the same time.

After estimating the customer service peak times for your business, you can deploy AI chatbots developed specifically for your company’s customer needs, in order to minimize admin costs.

Productivity Boost

It’s all about finding the right balance between live chats, chatbots, or a hybrid model that uses both – in order to optimize communication and deliver seamless support to your customers. 

Deploying AI chatbots into your customer service strategy allows your team to avoid mundane customer service tasks, and to focus their optimal attention on more complex customer queries.

Consider how efficient your customer service can be if you have AI chatbots at the frontline, filtering customer messages and ensuring their prompt delivery to dedicated support agents. 

Instant Service

In an online market, no customer wants to wait a few hours before their needs or troubleshooting is attended to. Customer service waiting time is a big frustration for clients. 

Specifically developed to reduce customer service waiting times, smart AI chatbots are very efficient at providing instant solutions and answers to customers’ frequently asked questions. 

Automated customer service chatbots are able to pool data about individual customers and immediately offer a personalized experience that reflects past preferences or geo-location. 

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24-hour Support

Within an online market, normal business hours don’t matter. Online customers from around the world expect 24/7 support with their troubleshoots, regardless of your staff’s time-zone. 

Even when your customer support team is unavailable, AI-powered chatbots certainly don’t need any sleep, and they are able to provide intelligent customer assistance around the clock.

Simply being able to assist your clients at their preferred time – whenever that may be –  will significantly increase overall customer satisfaction and boost long-term brand loyalty.

Multilingual Assistance

For companies of all sizes, communication gaps between customer support staff and customers can easily push current and potential customers to simply choose another brand or business.

Running on powerful natural language processing technology, chatbots have the ability to understand and handle different languages and tones, catering to a global market of consumers. 

With chatbots instantly tapping into vast knowledge streams, you can offer multilingual assistance to customers around the world even if your business staff only operates in English. 

The sculpins, active 24 hours a day, multilingual and multitasking.
The sculpins, active 24 hours a day, multilingual and multitasking.

Automated Social Media 

In an interconnected digital economy,it is not uncommon for online customers to approach a brand or business for support and assistance through a wide range of social media channels. 

Due to limited resources, it is unfortunately common for companies to not attend to social media customer support requests fast enough, or sometimes not to respond to them at all.

With the purpose of assisting customers, chatbots can enhance your company’s social media presence by automatically providing answers to your users’ requests and building brand loyalty. 

Real-Time Feedback & Marketing

Companies need customer feedback and data in order to optimize their products and services, deliver relevant and targeted offers, as well as to understand how to reduce operational costs.

The benefits of AI chatbots do not stop at offering client assistance and personalized customer journeys. They can also be used as sales tools and for collecting real-time customer feedback.  

E-commerce environments can use chatbots to support customers, as well as to deliver targeted marketing  through product recommendations, advice on shopping choices and special offers.

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