3 Ways 5G Will Change Digital Marketing

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5G is a technology that is going to change our world. Here, we explore how it’s already affecting digital marketing. 

5G – or the 5th Generation Wireless Network – is a new technological infrastructure that will allow for an exponential expansion of data speeds and latency rates in wireless communications. 

We’ve already written an article explaining what 5G is and the details of how it is going to dramatically change the way we use and transmit data.

While it is an exciting time for technological evolution, it is also now a matter of economic urgency – the Covid-19 crisis has brought to light how deeply we rely on the internet for practically all aspects of modern life, and 5G is set to provide innovators with the capacity to evolve and improve how data is used by businesses and consumers.

So, in this article, we’re going to go into more detail and explore some of the ways the technology will allow digital marketers to reimagine and evolve the ways they communicate with users and customers.

1. Video Proliferation

Ever since the widespread adoption of 4G technology, and to a lesser extent 3G, we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in video advertising on mobile. That simply wasn’t possible with the slower data and latency speeds that existed previously, as video tends to be quite data-heavy.

With 5G, the possibilities of video advertising are going to be taken to whole new level. Loading times will be lightning-fast, allowing for advertisers and marketers to integrate rich, complex and High Definition (HD) video into their mobile marketing channels.

For digital marketers who want to be well-positioned once 5G reaches high adoption rates, investing in powerful and innovative video-creation and content capacity is a must. Your video team should also be capable of creating content for VR & AR.

But a word of caution: users will not be more open to watching video ads just because they load faster; they will need to be relevant to them too.

Which leads us to the next point.

2. Personalization

5G is going to make it possible for personalizing user experiences like never before. Data will be able to be collected from a wider pool of users, and will become more granular and detailed.

Data will also be collected and analyzed in real time, allowing marketers to leverage algorithms to make on-the-go suggestions to customers.

From making suggestions of outfits suited to body type and what a user has already placed in their online shopping cart, to creating custom recipes based on what ingredients a customer has placed in their shopping trolley in a supermarket – the possibilities are endless.

3. Interactivity

Up until now, one of the main obstacles to digital marketers placing interactive ads on their digital channels has been how data-heavy these features tend to be.

With 5G, this will no longer be an issue, and will allow for ads, videos and features that are interactive, personalized, and reactive to users.

This will also not be confined to users’ own personal devices; screens found in public or in shops, etc., will be able to react according to who is in front of them, offering the potential for personalizing interactivity in ways never seen previously.

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