Video: the essential strategy for companies in 2019

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Companies don’t need to ask why they should be visible on social networks anymore. Today they are already fully convinced of the benefits of communicating through videos. But the question still remains: how do you put together a powerful video strategy for social networks?

In B2B, 70% of buyers research using social networks, and 53% of buyers contact their provider via social networks.

The numbers speak for themselves: in 2015 87% of Twitter users view videos according to figures from Twitter and Research Now. In 2019, this indicator has reached 100%. On Facebook, for example, posting a video doubles the life expectancy of your post. It is no coincidence that practically all social networks now offer the possibility to create a video simply.

Best practices for making a video

These are some constraints that a video must adhere to in order to maximize its reach on social networks:

  • Short and vertical format,
  • Subtitles / captions to optimize reading on mobile, and to attract the attention of a user even when the sound is muted,
  • Horizontal stories work very well, as this format is really well suited to the mobile; the user must swipe to switch from one screen to another, as in dating applications,
  • Use snackable content: content that can be consumed quickly,
  • Try storytelling,
  • Offer value in every video,
  • Produce quickly and be reactive,

The goal is to have a fairly fine granularity of production to sustainably feed the thread of the social network of the company.

Why do we need to internalize video production methods?

Many SaaS offer a free make-your-own video tool and allow collaborators to be autonomous in this field. These solutions allow businesses to be independent in creating their own videos. It also allows for easy customizability for the issues of responsiveness and volume.

What are the advantages of internalizing video content production?

  • To control the risks of failure of an external communications partner
  • Adapt to the latest trends by taking advantage of the latest broadcast formats
  • Experiment (learning through tests)
  • Generate leads with social selling,
  • Recruit and attract new talent
  • Improve brand awareness,
  • Present the company, service or product in greater detail and with emotion.
  • Communicate the events and highlights of the company.

As the co-founder of Pitchy has said: “Video is today the most viewed format on social networks.” So be prepared to make the most out of it.


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