7 Ways to Take Your Business Online

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Simple tips on how to transition your offline business into successful E-commerce.

Taking an offline business online is no simple switchover. Ground business rules often do not work online at all. Either way, more and more consumers are now shopping online for anything from groceries to private therapy sessions. The benefits of doing so are just too attractive to ignore.

That’s why so many offline business owners want to take their entrepreneurship into the online world of E-commerce. This doesn’t mean abandoning the brick-and-mortar business entirely. By adding an online element to your offline business, your future business opportunities can drastically change for the better.

In this article we’ll explore simple ways to evolve offline charm and success into the global network of opportunity that is online business.

1. Website Website Website

An online business is a global business. No online business exists without a website. If you want to sell your products and services on the internet, you will eventually need to set up an online store in the form of a website. Your website – just like your brick-and-mortar shop – needs to be presentable, straight-to-the-point and have great customer service in order to succeed.

2. Find your customers – your audience – your online market

Ecommerce offers endless prospects when it comes to acquiring new client bases. Maximize your online business opportunities by first identifying exactly who your potential customers might be and how you can reach them around the world. The more you understand and define what clients in your market sector need, the easier it becomes to connect with them online.

3. Build up your email list

Email marketing is an essential digital marketing component for small and large business owners. As you spread the word out about your online business, you will need to gather your client lists in one place in order to communicate your business offerings effectively. Targeted emails to clients can build loyalty and develop an ongoing relationship of repeat business.

4. Get on the list – the big 3

You know that small but unique souvenir shop in that touristy part of town? It needs to be easily located online. There are 3 big listing services: Google My Business, Yahoo! Local and Microsoft’s Bing. By registering your business on a listing service, your business can show up easily on online searches, as well as be found on the widely used Google Maps.

5. Search engine optimisation [SEO]

This is a world of endless Googling. Optimising your website’s performance for search engines is absolutely essential in order to increase the online visibility of your business in your particular market sector. Having your business website show up at the top of Google’s search results is the result of good SEO practices. There are many free how-to guides for SEO like this one online to get you started.

6. Credibility is everything

On the Internet, everything is reachable and nothing is forgotten. In order to survive, an online business must have consistency in positive customer feedback and reviews. No amount of online marketing will compensate for a lack of trust and credibility in the product or service. That’s why being part of a relevant online business community, and contributing in a positive way can build client rapport and promote your business in a more passive, less annoying way.

7. Content is king

Never underestimate the power of quality content as a way of promoting your business online and driving up sales. This can be a video, an animation, or a series of photos accompanying your marketing text. Whatever it is, engaging visual content has become an indispensable aspect of any successful online business.

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