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The quality of your web design is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and business success. Agile methods have become increasingly popular in web development because they offer a collaborative and flexible approach that allows you to deliver high quality products in a timely manner.

In this article, Bocasay, an offshore outsourcing company, discusses the principles and benefits of the Agile approach, as well as a range of Agile tools available to web development teams.

Discover how to boost the quality of your web design with Bocasay, offshore outsourcing company ©GettyImages
Discover how to boost the quality of your web design with Bocasay, offshore outsourcing company ©GettyImages

Agile methods and their principles

Agile methods are a set of software development practices and principles that are established on the following:

  • Collaboration.
  • Flexibility.
  • Adaptation to change.
  • The continuous delivery of high-quality products.

Agile methods emerged in the 2000s in response to the limitations of traditional software development methods, such as the waterfall model.

The fundamental principles of Agile methods are formalized in the “Agile Manifesto,” which was written in 2001 by a group of software development practitioners. 

The Agile Manifesto states four core values:

People and interactions more than processes and tools: Agile methods emphasize the importance of collaboration and communication between development team members.

Functional software more than exhaustive documentation: The Agile approach emphasizes the production of functional software, rather than focusing on exhaustive documentation.

Collaboration with customers more than contractual negotiation: Agile encourages close collaboration with customers throughout the development process, rather than relying on formal contractual negotiations.

Adapting to change more than following a plan: by encouraging development teams to be flexible and adapt to change, Agile methods allow us to be more responsive to the needs of evolving customers.

In addition to these core values, the Agile Manifesto also outlines 12 Agile principles. These provide practical guidelines for development teams who wish to adopt Agile methods.

These principles include:

  • Satisfy the customer by delivering functional versions of the software quickly and regularly.
  • Welcoming changes in requirements, even at the end of the project.
  • Work closely with stakeholders throughout the development process.
  • Foster communication among team members and encourage a positive work atmosphere.
  • Measure project progress based on delivery of functional products rather than task completion.
  • Encourage continuous improvement through regular reflection on development practices.

Agile methods are based on the core values of collaboration, flexibility, adapting to change and continuous delivery of high-quality products.

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The benefits of Agile Methods for Web Design

By using these practices, it is possible to design high quality IT products thanks to :

Iterative Planning

Agile practices encourage iterative planning, in which features are planned and implemented in short iterations (typically one to two weeks). This approach allows developers to:

  • To focus on specific features.
  • Develop them.
  • To test them.
  • To integrate them before moving on to the next iteration.

This ensures that each feature is developed thoroughly and is in compliance with specifications.

Constant Communication with Stakeholders

Agile methods promote regular communication between developers, customers, testers and end users. This ensures that everyone is working together to achieve the same goals and that any problems that arise are resolved quickly.

Prioritizing Features

In Agile practices, priority is given to the features that are most important to end users. By focusing on these essential features, developers are able to produce a high-quality product that meets the real needs of users.

Incremental Delivery

Agile favors incremental delivery of features, which gives users the opportunity to benefit quickly from certain key features and to provide feedback. This approach also allows errors to be detected quickly and corrected before they become a bigger problem.

The Implementation of Automated Tests

Agile practices encourage the use of automated testing to ensure that each feature is thoroughly tested before being deployed. This ensures that errors are caught early and corrected quickly.

Consider Agility as a guarantee of progress and performance ©Canva
Consider Agility as a guarantee of progress and performance ©Canva

Examples of Agile Tools for Web Design

There are many Agile tools for web design that can help development teams collaborate effectively, track their progress, and deliver high-quality products. Here are some examples of popular Agile tools for web design:

Trello: an online Kanban board that makes it easy to track the status of tasks and projects. It is especially useful for teams that work collaboratively.

Jira: an Agile project management tool that tracks tasks, issues and feature requests. It also allows development teams to work closely with stakeholders, including customers.

Github: a source code version management platform that allows you to store, share and collaborate on software development projects. It is particularly useful for open source projects.

Sketch: a graphic design tool that allows teams to create prototypes, mockups and designs for web design projects.

Slack: a real-time messaging application that allows teams to easily and quickly communicate and share files, links, and other relevant information.

These Agile tools give development teams the ability to:

  • Work more efficiently.
  • Collaborate more closely with stakeholders.
  • Track their progress.
  • Deliver high-quality products.


By adopting Agile methods for web design, development teams are able to work more efficiently, reduce development costs and time, improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction, and deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of the business and its customers.

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