5 Powerful Design Trends for Websites

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Exploring some of the most exciting aesthetic approaches for engaging web visitors.

As we find ourselves in an increasingly digital age, boasting exponential rates of production and innovation, design trends can come and go like the seasons. Some endure, some disappear and some just keep coming back.

New business owners and seasoned companies alike are always looking for ways to present their products and services in a fresh yet familiar way. This challenge of finding a balance between tried and tested techniques vs creative experimentation is essential for any web designer striving for success. 

With such an abundance of information at our fingertips, from a wealth of articles on almost any tech subject imaginable to legions of bloggers and youtubers offering an array of opinions, it can be quite overwhelming to narrow down the most crucial information that will truly help you reach your goals.

In the last year since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen countless businesses move to online services in order to adapt to the new conditions we live in. With so many new developments and emerging competition in e-commerce, it is now as important as ever to create web designs that are as alluring as they are efficient.

In this article we explore five of today’s most powerful design trends:

1. Organic Design

Vienna to Paris Design is Unique
Vienna to Paris Design is Unique

After over a year of lockdowns and restrictions confining people to their houses, it is no surprise that many designers are using themes of nature and the great outdoors to give their viewers a comforting atmosphere to browse through at home.

From floral imagery to vegetal illustrations, the past year has seen a surge in designs that fill the void of nature in the cold corners of cyberspace. New businesses as well as longstanding companies have noticed the impact of the green movement and are finding more ways to jump on the bandwagon.

In a time when digital technology is king and synthetic materials and products dominate the market, people have a strong desire to feel more in touch with the natural environment.

We have already seen a rising trend in the last years towards environmental and sustainable design, which represents a feeling of compassion for our planet. This reaction to our increased awareness of climate change and environmental problems has inspired many to gravitate towards more comforting images of untainted nature.

Utilizing earthy tones such as deep greens, soft browns and warm orange hues, designers can create a soothing visual experience. This not only satisfies a user’s environmental attraction, but also makes for a less straining experience on the eyes, which brings us to our next web design trend.

2. Dark Mode

With smartphones becoming a fixture in most households around the world, people are spending more time on their screens than ever. This has encouraged designers to find alternative solutions to ease the eyes and create new color schemes that are not too intense – but still attractive.

As we have seen in the last years, more and more companies are offering dark mode (or themes) as an alternative to the usual white backgrounds. Studies have shown that dark mode reduces blue light exposure and glare which can create eye strain and disrupt sleep patterns.

Major players including Google and Facebook have recently incorporated a dark mode function, confirming the popularity of the theme. This allows viewers to spend more time on their respective apps and websites without experiencing eye fatigue.

In addition to this health benefit, dark mode also provides a distinct aesthetic which can create attractive contrasts between other colors that may not be possible with other lighter backgrounds.

Another advantage of dark mode is prolonged battery life, which is a very attractive incentive for the countless people that bare the modern trauma of a dead battery in a charge-less predicament.

3. Minimalism

Nua Bikes Minimalist Website
Nua Bikes Minimalist Website

Though this style has been around for a long time, it continues to be a strong design trend implemented by many key players in the industry today.

In a world of information overload and overstimulation, minimalism can be a very effective way of putting the reader at ease and communicating content in a simple and direct way – without unnecessary distraction.

Combining simple shapes, sleek styling and selective use of space, this approach reduces clutter to present content in a pleasant and digestible format and style.

Made popular by giants like Apple, this style is now perceived as modern, though its efficiency has been proved over the years as a timeless champion in elegant design. 

4. Motion and Interactivity

A rapidly developing web design trend that we are sure to see more of in 2021 and beyond is motion and interactivity. This increasingly popular design approach is bringing webpages alive to engage users as they browse.

With the evolution of technology, some of the animated web designs that we see today are absolutely stunning. Using concepts based on optical illusions and spatial awareness, animators and designers have been teaming up to craft visual effects that appear natural to the eye.

Concepts such as the parallax effect are used to enhance the user’s browsing experience. This can occur automatically when moving the cursor or scrolling down a page. Images are layered and move at different speeds to create a 3D effect.

For example, check out Greek olive maker Konstantopoulos’ simple but highly effective approach to the technique.

When done tastefully, such interactive touches are truly mesmerizing and can captivate the viewer’s attention while demonstrating an impressive aesthetic.

5. Abstract Design

While some websites make great use of photos and easily-recognizable images to communicate and inform their users, others choose to take a more artistic approach.

Visual creativity has reached new heights and the line between web designer and artist starts to blur when we see meaningful expressions of abstract imagery online.

Whether it is cubism-inspired designs or minimal animated geometric collages, this artistic style is refreshing and can bring a bold modern look to a page.

Given the situation in the last year, many artists have been seeking work online and finding ways to incorporate their creative ideas in the tech industry. This has resulted in a wider variety of creatives that are trying their hand at graphic and web design. As a result, we are bound to see more interesting abstract designs in 2021.

So, whether you are looking to bring your website to life with interactive animations, take a new eco-conscious design approach for your brand or you need some ideas to refresh your app’s style, these are some powerful tools that are surely worth considering.

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