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Being first to market is a necessity

The main challenge currently facing business leaders is that web, software and other mobile applications take too much time to develop.

Indeed, in order to remain competitive, companies need to reduce their time-to-market as much as possible, in order to get a foothold in their respective markets before their competitors do.

IT managers, IT services companies, software companies, development teams, etc., are now forced to be judged by this criterion more than ever before; being first on the market is no longer an option but a real imperative.

According to a survey conducted with 300 IT leaders by Forrester Consulting, their main problem to solve in 2020 is accelerating the pace of software development delivery.

In addition, three-quarters of those surveyed believe that both the functionality and the commercial value generated by software products and services are “good” or even “excellent”.

However, on the other hand, well over half of the business leaders questioned consider IT solutions to not be delivered fast enough.

How to improve the speed of releases?

Typically, IT professionals, CIOs, and technology experts recommend using more agile methods and increasing the use of DevOps.

Adopting continuous methods such as Continuous Integration, and more automated delivery systems for software, can lend software companies – and by extension their clients – an important advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

Continuous integration testing really speeds up the delivery of web and mobile application functionality.

Nevertheless, according to the survey, among web, mobile and software application development teams:

• Half are considering implementing continuous integration tests on their projects,

• 49% are implementing automated functionality tests (which is very good news),

• Finally and just as interestingly, almost half of the teams questioned incorporate an AI approach into their thinking,

• Not surprisingly, the other half of the respondents still work by carrying out manual tests.

The key to success? Recruitment of technical profiles

That being said, according to IT experts, on many software programs, manual testing is no longer as effective as it used to be. Automation of tests is becoming more inevitable and more integral for increasing delivery speeds.

Automation of testing has increased the quality of developed software considerably.

The automation of tests concerns:

• The design of the automation,

• Its implementation in the project.

In the coming years, recruitment of developer tester profiles will increase by more than 20%. A demonstrated expertise in understanding the user experience, as well as in integrating user feedback into continuous testing, will be skills that are increasingly sought after by recruiters.

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