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In today’s highly competitive digital business environment, keeping apace of trends and staying current can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer or the business developer of a multi-million dollar textile company – the chances are you already know the importance of keeping up to date with digital trends and processes.

A functional, well-designed website is a given. And if you are a retailer, an online shop is becoming almost imperative.

But what if you already decided to pay for these a decade ago? How do you keep your digital assets and identity current?

For many small or medium-sized businesses (and indeed some large ones too), establishing an in-house team of developers to maintain and innovate your tech assets is simply implausible, prohibitively expensive, and ultimately unnecessary.

The logical alternative: outsourcing your IT needs.

Choosing the Right Partner

With the right outsourcing partner, you’re basically opting for flexibility in how and when you choose to build new IT capabilities and developments into your business structure.

Instead of having to hire a costly, permanent IT team in your home country, you can now delegate your IT needs to talented teams of developers in developing countries, when you need them.

This flexibility brings a new level of cost-effectiveness to previously expensive, full-time and in-house IT teams.

Now, you may be thinking any one or all of these questions:

  • “How can I be sure that the people I outsource my IT needs to are going to get the job done professionally and efficiently?”
  • “How can I trust that an outsourced team of developers is going to keep my data and information confidential?”
  • “If an outsourced team is in a different country, how are we going to communicate effectively?”
  • “If I don’t have my own in-house team of developers, does that mean I am going to forever be reliant and ‘bound’ to the outsourced team of developers?”

These are all legitimate questions for anyone who may have not yet tried outsourcing as their main development path, or who might have had a bad experience with an outsourced development project in the past.

However, the answers to these questions need not be negative if you find the right outsourcing partner.

Outsourcing Done Right

How can you know if you are dealing with the right outsourcing partner for your needs?

Start by looking for the following things:

  • Your point of contact in the outsourcing company is genuinely interested in finding out as much as possible about your business and your vision.
  • You are able to communicate with them effectively
  • They are able to simply and accurately convey the different options and pricing that will be involved for realizing your IT goals.
  • They are headquartered in a country that has a transparent legal system.
  • They have a large pool of demonstrated talent that they can draw on to create a dedicated team for your IT needs.

Now let’s take a step back to understand what outsourcing can mean for your business, if done right.

If you partner with a professional, transparent and productive IT outsourcing partner, you will benefit from a cost-effective solution to your IT challenges. They will be able to build you a website, app or internal system that is robust, can be easily updated, and will suit your individual business identity and strategy.

And all this will be achieved in a way that lessens the burden on your own workforce, freeing up your own personnel for thinking about new business ideas and strategies, which can then be realized by your dedicated team of outsourced IT professionals.

The Power of the Internet

The truly revolutionary nature of the Internet doesn’t need to be reiterated any longer; the proof is all around us.

It’s vast potential lies in its basic nature, which is that it enables communication and the exchange of ideas, processes and products over distances that were once considered vast.

Bocasay is a company that thrives on communication, professionalism and transparency. We make full use of the power of the internet to bring you a service that was previously impossible.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can take care of all your IT challenges.

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