Choosing the Right Team for Your Startup

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Finding the people to turn your business idea into a reality does not need to be complicated or costly.

So you have decided to start your own business. You have developed an idea with a unique selling point, conceptualized your brand identity, and targeted your market.

Sounds simple so far right? Well, before we get excited, let’s remember that startups, by their nature, have to navigate many different challenges related to their respective markets, with a wide range of obstacles to face in an increasingly-competitive business environment.

Prioritizing goals

For a startup in a competitive market, a lean, optimized team is one of the most essential elements for success; your business strategy will likely evolve and change at a fast pace as your business strategy develops.

For example, for an entrepreneur who has an idea to start an online business selling waterproof clothing produced in third countries, their basic primary objectives might fall along the following lines:

1. Identify market

2. Research and secure producers

3. Optimize logistics

4. Build a website + marketing campaign

5. Go to market

The steps in the list above are drawn from two very different areas of a specialization:

1) The field of the business itself (production, logistics and marketing), and

2) The technical side of the marketing (i.e. the website and internet ad campaigns).

The first is where most business owners excel: they understand their markets, their logistical options, and the range of suppliers they can choose from – it’s their ‘bread and butter’.

However, for many startups, the task of building and running a functioning, dynamic website or app that can respond to changes in supply chains and the market is where things begin to get complicated.

And in today’s global marketplace, a strong online presence is going to be an essential ingredient of your entire operation.

Doing what you do best

Unless you’re in the business of building websites for people, the chances are that you are not up to date with the various options available, and how to go about realizing them. And this is not just a problem from a technical perspective, but also from a labor point of view too.

Hiring IT specialists in developed economies can be costly and complicated, and for many businesses, it’s simply not necessary to have full-time IT employees. You just want your website to reflect your brand identity, and to serve your business and your customers in the best possible way.

A good way to conceptualize this is to think about how a car salesman will have gone about building his car dealership in the past. He will have bought or rented some land, hired an architect to construct a showroom, and then hired some in-house cleaners to make sure the windows and cars inside were always shining.

The internet has effectively allowed many small businesses to achieve effectively the same thing, without the huge costs associate with building brick-and-mortar stores. And most well-built websites can then be maintained by someone with very little development knowledge at all.

Flexibility: A startup’s secret weapon

Today, the architects and builders can also be found in the vibrant IT markets of developing countries that cost a fraction of what they do in the west. Teams can be mobilized remotely, taking advantage of time zone differences to work around the clock to create the IT infrastructure that your business is going to run on.

Bocasay is specialized in optimizing the IT development process for a wide range of businesses – from one person startups to large corporations. We discuss your business strategy, goals and scale, and configure an IT solution that does exactly what it’s meant to, when it’s meant to do it. We can assign an IT specialist – or team of specialists from our service centers in Vietnam, Mauritius and Madagascar – to handle your precise IT needs.

Ultimately, the most effective team for a startup is one that is no larger than necessary, and which does what it’s good at. Let us take care of your IT needs, so you can focus on what you know best: your business. Get in touch to find out more.

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