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Build tech team in Vietnam and boost the creativity of your IT project
Build tech team in Vietnam and boost the creativity of your IT project

Looking ahead into the new year, during the months of January, February and March, it is a perfect time for defining new projects and launching new strategies. Following the rhythm of the seasons, planning your year around Candlemas is ideal. Within the field of web development. this is the time of the year when software design is in full bloom. Bringing forth new ideas, perhaps even before the arrival of Spring, to kick off in March.

So, what do we mean when we talk about creativity in software design at Bocasay?

Well, we always keep in mind the need to adopt a user-centric approach. Next, we organize interdisciplinary meetings where designers, developers and marketing specialists can collaborate. We also like to engage in prototypes to test, gather feedback and iterate, inspired by Agile methods. Finally, we add a touch of artificial intelligence (AI), which, according to us, embodies amplified human intelligence…

From brainstorming sessions to workshops, our teams always come up with design ideas that resonate with end-users.

“Innovation in software development

requires not only cutting-edge technology

but also unbridled creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Game and visualization are keys to unlocking revolutionary ideas.”

Adopting an inclusive and empathetic approach is the foundation for organizing an innovation and creativity-based meeting.

Why? Because without these two qualities, you won’t get anything innovative or creative from your team.

Experimenting with creative software design through play, yes, but taking into account the needs and reactions of each personality forming the team. Indeed, an environment can be perceived as stimulating for one person and stressful for another. In other words, create psychological safety within the team first in order to successfully achieve this type of creative goal.

Bocasay stands out in the field of computer software design located in Vietnam, offering software creation and development services for SMEs and large enterprises. Contact us to discuss your software projects, whether for a web or mobile application, and let’s explore the paths of our collaboration to bring your technological ambitions to life.

#1 Break the Ice

At the start of your creative meeting, always begin by breaking the ice. This means diffusing a tense atmosphere. Icebreakers at the beginning of meetings promote cohesion, communication and creativity among team members.

Several icebreaker activities exist; here are some ideas that are very simple to activate in a meeting:

  • If I Were an Animal: humorously, ease the atmosphere by going around the table, with each person indicating which type of animal represents them best.

  • Discovering my Workspace (only for video conferences): for remote meetings, showcase your work environment with a quick tour of your desk through your computer’s camera.

  • My Dream Trip: on a large world map, each person shows which country they would like to travel to.

  • The Thread of the Story: start a story and ask each participant to continue it with a sentence. It’s an excellent way to stimulate creativity and active listening.

  • Two Truths and a Lie: each person states two true facts and one false statement about themselves, and others must guess which is the lie. This stimulates interaction and curiosity.

These activities, placed at the very beginning of a meeting, are designed to focus each participant’s attention on a fun, relaxing and engaging topic. Through these mini icebreaker games, you will start to strengthen the bonds between people.

#2 Practice Visualization with Storyboarding

One of the prerequisites for an effective brainstorming meeting for software design is to set up a storyboard that will be filled in as the exchanges progresses. Alternatively, use a shared digital board with everyone throughout the video conference. When working on the user experience of the future digital tool, visuals are almost indispensable to bring out the best creative and innovative ideas.

The use of visual storyboards during interdisciplinary meetings improves communication, stimulates creativity, facilitates collaboration and helps organize and retain information more effectively. Built from images, storyboards will help your team communicate their ideas more clearly, as they provide a more evocative communication medium than just written words. Storyboards, even with basic drawings, are valuable tools for visualizing the possibilities of new experiences and aligning effectively with the targeted goals.

The storyboard is the minimum visual medium for bringing out innovation and creativity during brainstorming sessions
Organise meetings to stimulate creativity when designing your software @gettysignature

#3 Dream Big with the Front Cover

Often, during brainstorming sessions for the launch of a new digital product, teams limit themselves and avoid daring points in their proposals. If you want to surpass all barriers to be innovative and creative in the realization of your next web application, you will have to invest in activities that allow for dreaming big.

The front cover is what you need!

If your product were a resounding success, what would the press say about it?
If your product were a resounding success, what would the press say about it?

Here are the instructions you give to the team: imagine the resounding success of your product or new idea with a mock cover of a press release!

This creative exercise is a fantastic way to crystallize a common vision, garner support from decision-makers and galvanize your team.

Dive into this exciting activity to define and, above all, to celebrate the potential of your project: visualize a bright future, dare to dream without limits, align yourself with an exciting vision of the product, and instill a spirit of enthusiasm and innovation within your team!

We hope this article has provided you with interesting tips to integrate creativity into your future team meetings. Techniques such as icebreaker games, the use of storyboards and visualizing success (as with the front cover), are crucial for stimulating innovation. These approaches, along with adopting a user-focused mindset and integrating artificial intelligence, pave the way for more intuitive and revolutionary software developments.

At Bocasay, our specialization in computer software design in Vietnam caters to all businesses, from SMEs to large corporations. We invite you to consult with us to discuss your future software, web or mobile application project. Let’s discuss your ideas together and see how our support can bring your digital visions to life.

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